Just as there is a difference between hearing and listening, there is a difference between reading and understanding and there is sometimes a difference between thinking and speaking. This post has a little less to do with building a business than our usual posts. However, I feel it incredibly important to work on the person(s) behind the business in order to successfully move the business forward. Everything in your business begins with YOU! Your attitude, words create your world
beliefs, habits, and priorities dictate the likelihood of your success. How do people find out what you are like behind the scenes? It’s verbal, my friends. And in a sense, your words create your world. What kind of world do you want to live in?

Your words are the most powerful thing you project into the universe. If you say them out loud, others might actually believe them. More importantly, you might start to believe them. Certainly we want to pay attention to the language we use in our marketing! Soooo…if you have a choice between believing the worst about every situation or believing the best, which will you choose? Most of us would choose the best but quite often we speak the worst. One way to start is to get away from the contagious habit of complaining about everything. Be on the alert for negative comments from others and decide not to join in.

Be nice, and just change the subject. You may have to work at it, and building a new habit takes time, so level your expectations to be the same as if you are learning any new skill.

Ammie’s Assignment: I challenge you to keep a journal or log and write down every time you say something positive and every time you say something negative- a tally mark will do. At the end of the day, count them. Spend some time assessing whether or your words match your beliefs.