I am always intrigued by other people’s success stories.  I love hearing how they did it and seeing if there are any tips I can implement into my own routine.  One thing that stands out, recently, is that so many attribute their success to having a healthy work/life balance.

WORK LIFE BALANCEI talk a great deal about business and give tips for growing the business.  Today, it’s less about business and more about you.  What do you love to do?  What one thing would you incorporate into your routine daily, weekly or monthly if only you had more time?  I love the Stephen Covey quote, ‘Don’t prioritize your schedule.  Schedule your priorities.’  That is so powerful.  There will always be a “to do” list and deadlines.  There will always be people depending on you in some capacity.  Don’t forget about yourself and your needs.  You will be a better mom, dad, husband, wife, daughter, son, sister, brother, business person, leader, mentor, sales rep, etc. if you prioritize your needs into your routine.

I tell my clients all the time… I’m not perfect.  I go through the same issues you do… I’m a business owner too.  The difference is that I build in time to give myself a sanity check.  Am I doing all that I can to make me the best person and business owner I can be?  Am I practicing what I preach?

Ammie’s Assignment:  Make yourself a priority and schedule time for yourself.  If you need more time at the gym, get up an hour earlier to fit it in.  Schedule an early morning bike ride with a friend every Tuesday morning.  I love this one… it’s twofold.  It gives you exercise and companionship – two key components to having a successful work life balance.