If you’ll allow me, I’m going to get personal for a minute.  You see, I invested a lot of time in developing my ‘Why Larek Point Consulting’ story and I even developed my ‘Why Me’ story from a professional, resume, credentials perspective.  I can talk about business and results all day long, but sharing yourself in business? Not so much.

The part that was missing was the ‘Why Me’ story from a personal perspective.  So many business owners want to keep their private life, well private.  I was SHARING YOURSELF IN BUSINESSone of those business owners.  I have a background in Information Assurance so the idea of sharing personal details with the world was not only foreign to me, it was a little uncomfortable.  I’ve never been one to be insecure but when your income is tied to your brand and your message, you think long and hard about what you’re putting out into the world.  What if people don’t like me or relate to me?  This is who I am and although I constantly strive to be a well-rounded person, the truth is this is who I am right now.  When people see personal information, they often don’t see the history behind it or the future ahead of it. We live in a world spoken in soundbites.  How can I make sure that I am staying true to who I am and still remain appealing to the masses?

The truth is… well, you might not.  If this story resonates with you, you have to accept that not everyone will like you.  Not everyone will agree with you.  It took me a while to realize that it’s OK.  My business is built not only on solid business principles but on a myriad of personal beliefs and practices.

Those who are meant to work with you will be attracted to your business/brand for the very thing you are afraid to share.

Please don’t think that I’m telling you to flip a switch and let the world in.  It’s a process; one that I am constantly working through as well.  What I am telling you is that you will see a major shift in your business if learn to share more of the person and belief structure behind your products and services.  You will increase your sales when you give people the opportunity to make a connection with YOU. So be more personal! 

Ammie’s Assignment:  Ask yourself these questions:  What are you most afraid to share in your business?  What’s the worst that could happen if you shared it?