well rounded marketing strategy

Are you feeling a bit schizophrenic about your marketing?

Here’s what we mean:

Does your “offline” marketing feel different than your “online” marketing? Not sure what to do with your internet marketing channels?

A well-orchestrated marketing plan involves both what you do for your business IRL (in real life) and in the virtual environment, and they should be consistent and coordinated. The good news is that it’s not too hard to get them matched up like red wine and steak (or pizza and beer, if you prefer!)

What do you do to market your business IRL? Can any of these activities be described, commented on and explored in writing? Of course they can, so post regular blogs and maintain a consistent social media presence. This doesn’t have to be long or super-eloquent (that’s what is so great about Twitter — 280 characters plus a photo and you’re done!)

What’s happening in your business? New products? New staff? Special events? About to serve your millionth customer? Re-doing the parking lot? All of that should pour into your company’s online footprint. Tell the world how your product or service solves their problem or meets their needs.

Stop pondering what to say on your website and social media channels — you already have plenty to report on directly from your business’s everyday life.

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