Create Your Volunteer Success System

We know that you don’t have time to go through weeks or even months of learning to begin building a success sytem for your volunteers. You need a system that will help you effectively manage your volunteers and keep them engaged in your organization long-term and you need it NOW!

That’s why we’ve built these templates.


Build your volunteer management plan following our step-by-step instructions

in these plug and play Canva templates.

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Your Volunteers Understand How to Make an Impact from DAY ONE

Our 3 Part Volunteer Management System

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Train BEFORE Tasking

The biggest mistake that non-profits make is letting a volunteer begin working on mission critical tasks BEFORE training them on the mission, vision, culture, organizational structure, communication expectations, deliverables, and how to perform the task.

No one would start a 9 to 5 job that way. Why is that common practice to start a volunteer opportunity that way?

Download each of these templates and train EVERY volunteer in these three critical areas:

Orientation Manual

larek point consulting - volunteer orientation guide

Who You Are

Train EVERY new volunteer on your organization’s mission, vision, purpose, and culture.

Communication Plan

larek point consulting - communication plan - non-profits

How to Communicate

Set the expectation for how and when volunteers are to participate and communicate.

Technical Training Plan

larek point consulting - training plan - non-profits

How to Be Successful

Don’t assume people know how to perform inside your organization. You have to teach them.

What we’re developing in your non-profit:

A standardized approach to training EVERYONE.

A communication schedule to hold volunteers accountable.

A communication schedule to hold YOU accountable.

A consistent message to volunteers.

A consistent message that voluntees can convey in the community.

A consistent training plan and schedule for EVERY volunteer.

Create a System for True Success

These templates are solely dedicated to Volunteer Management.


Develop the Systems TODAY!

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larek point - is this right for my non-profit

Does your organization need volunteers to thrive and create an impact in your community? If the answer is yes, then you need a system to set each of these volunteers up for success and longevity inside your organization.

We’ve condensed our curriculum into a 3 part system that you can implement immediately all at once or as you have the time. Download one today and get started or if you can dedicate the time, you can have an entire volunteer management system implemented TODAY. That’s right! TODAY! 

Dowload one or all plug and play Canva templates. 

What’s Included

These templates (Communication Plan template, and the Volunteer Technical Training Plan template) are Canva templates – editable online through your Canva account. Each is customizable.

When you purchase, you get instant access to one or all three (3) Canva Templates. Each template is between 11 and 18 pages of editable content to develop a comprehensive training plan for your volunteers.

Fully editable in Canva – Change content, text, fonts, and images to fit your organization’s brand guidelines.

How it Works

This purchase is a digital instant access. No physical copy will be shipped.

  1. You will need a Canva account to be able to edit. Get a free account HERE.
  2. After you order, you will receive immediate access to the template. You will also receive an email containing the link to edit the template.
  3. Begin editing and customizing to meet your needs.
  4. Download your design and share it with your volunteers.

Due to the instant nature of this transaction, we do not offer refunds or exchanges. You will have immediate access to our IP.

If you have any technical problems with the template, simply respond to the email you receive with the link.


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 Building a Volunteer Workforce that Stay with Your Organization

Train and Retain Volunteers

In order to retain volunteers, you MUST train them. You have to teach your volunteers how to be successful within your organization AND you MUST have a system for accountability. People want to make an impact but they don’t always know the best path to do that. They are truly looking to you to teach them and lead them to being successful inside your organization. 

After completing these Volunteer management templates, you will have a volunteer managmeent system that will help to train and retain top talent in your organization. You will be able to decrease volunteer turnover and increase your impact.

Create your thiving volunteer program now!