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 Ways to Train and Retain Volunteers

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Create clear job descriptions

Most volunteers want to help but aren’t quite sure how. YOU have to tell them how to best spend their time, utilize their skills and make an impact. Learn More!

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Define Success Criteria

Without success criteria, how can you measure success or even progress? The short answer is you can’t. The good thing is there is a way to do it. Learn More!

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Schedule Evaluations

Scheduling evaluations enables you to track and report progress to your volunteers. They can in turn make timely adjustments. Learn More!

In our download you will find a simple workbook style experience complete with areas in which you can fill in your own needs for each of the above three points. 

Meet Ammie

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HI!  I’m Ammie.  I’ve been helping non-profits create organizational structure and fundraise for over 20 years.

I started Larek Point as a consulting firm for small businesses.  As I became more engaged with the community and local non-profit organizations, I quickly learned that non-profits were unnecessarily struggling.  Every organization needs the same principles and structure that I was helping businesses implement.

My efforts in the community were recognized with a Business Woman of the Year nomination with the Metropolitan Savannah Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

My career has afforded me incredible opportunities like leading the Small Business Chamber in Savannah, Georgia. The board and I completely rebranded the organization, doubled it’s membership and partnered with the City of Savannah to host the city’s first Big Business Symposium. We were able to impact the way small businesses and new non-profit organizations were positioning themselves for growth.  It is one of my favorite business experiences.

I’ve helped organize events that raised over $100K in one day.  I’ve even fundraised for large organizations like the American Cancer Society; building 14 teams that raised over $200K.

One of the all-time coolest experiences of my career was sharing the stage to teach marketing with the likes of Google, Forbes, SalesForce and Starbucks.

This is your chance to utilize my international business experience and the Larek Point team to grow your non-profit.


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Are these your current struggles?

Sadly, these issues are not uncommon.

They are, however, avoidable. If this outlines your non-profit, it’s time to invest in your ability to Serve More.

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We have an incredible upcoming program that will resolve these issues in your organization

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