Train and Retain Employees

Retaining employees takes a real investment in training and communication from the business owner and/or their leadership team.

I truly believe that people want to do a good job at work.

The problem is that we’re all human and we bring our whole lives with us everywhere we go. Every employee shows up with varying levels of experience, commitment levels, emotional intelligence, communication skills, and external life factors that are sometimes difficult to leave at home.

The truth is that most people truly are doing the very best they know how to do.

THIS is where you come in!

Their best (on their own) may not be good enough to create a consistent customer experience, to be able to accurately forecast sales or lead other employees. It’s time to start taking an active role in your employees success.

Here are three (3) things you can do to set your team up for insane success!


#1: Write Clear Job Descriptions

A client of ours does something truly incredible.  He writes his job vacancy announcements to cover the company’s needs.  Then, we he finds someone that he wants to hire, he asks them… ‘what part of the job are you most excitied about?’  With that answer, he revises the job description to match the candidates skillset and desires.

This isn’t always a perfect fit and let’s face it, he’s not eliminating the things that no one likes doing. We all have to do some of the grunt work from time to time.

What he’s really doing is making sure that he’s maximizing everyone’s productivity and overall enjoyment levels at work. THIS is how you to retain employees.


#2: Create a Training Plan

Even the most seasoned professionals can benefit from training. Hopefully, you’re hiring people who know how to do the job technically. What the training plan will focus on is the order in which the tasks need to be performed and the quality levels that meet your brand standard.

Remember when I said that people come to you with varying levels of just about everything? Well, this is your chance to inform employees of what your brand standard is and train them to perform their technical tasks within those standards.

What you’re doing is creating a new routine for them to perform their work. Employees are much more likely to maintain this routine if you start them out inside your space with it. They won’t have a routine inside your company that has any (or if we’re being honest… too many) bad habits that need to be broken.

Immediately establish the rhythm of the role.


#3: Create an Evaluation Schedule

All feedback is not bad feedback. When you establish a schedule for evaluations, you’re establishing a timeline for communication regarding performance. When someone knows it’s coming, they’re more likely to be receptive to the feedback being given.

The schedule also allows you to make minor tweeks on a consistent basis rather than waiting and finding the need to make a major adjustment that may not be received well or go well in the end.

This is when you risk losing what would have otherwise been a good employee.


If you need help establishing the job descriptions, training plans or evalutation schedules,  schedule a time to talk and let’s get your plan in place.

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