Gaining your Audience’s Trust

Gaining your Audience’s Trust. How do you earn the confidence of a buyer when the marketplace offers so many choices? What makes one brand trusted and another suspect?

There are a lot of answers to those questions. Scammers use a set of techniques to build trust with their victims, such as actively seeking information about a target’s personal life, asking insightful questions to test for vulnerabilities and pretending the relationship is a two-way street when it’s not.

You’re not in the fraud business (I hope!) so we’ll answer with a couple of tips we have found to be very helpful to find and build authentically valuable trust connections with potential customers or clients.

Position yourself as an industry authority.

Not many of us would proceed with a person who doesn’t seem to know what he or she is talking about when we are gathering information about a product or service.

When looking to make a purchase, after we define the problem we need to solve, we research. When surveying our choices, the vendor with the most and best information out there has a leg up over others who don’t have as much.  

So how do we get the word out? There are a variety of ways. Here are two that often go neglected and can be the difference between a trickle and a fountain of leads.

Get yourself booked to speak

Do it for free! You need to get yourself and your expertise (and your passion) in front of a room full of potential customers or those who are conduits to them. Answer the questions they have. They’ll resonate with the information and with you personally. They will begin to associate you with being the expert. They walk out thinking they could see themselves buying from you or recommending you to others.

Write it up

Look for opportunities to contribute to blogs, newspapers, newsletters, magazines and any appropriate online forum, including comments sections below the articles you read. In the meantime, write longer pieces about your line of work, addressing topics you know your customers have. You can then spread links to it far and wide.

Among the many other ways to get your brand out there, like social media, videos are another way to present yourself. Establish a YouTube channel that features content that you know will build trust as people find out what an expert you are!

People need to know that you are trusted in your industry before they begin to sign on to work with you. So go out there and get a following!


We hope you found this article helpful.

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