sincerity versus sales

My grandmother used to tell me that you get more bees with honey than vinegar. She was referring to making friends on the playground but the same is true in business. The hard sell doesn’t sell. You might say it’s sincerity versus sales.

It’s important that your approach to business is sincere and comes from a place of giving rather than receiving. Potential customers are happy to pay you when they understand what they will be getting for their money. If all you do is talk about how great you are and why someone should pay you for it, the potential customers have a hard time translating your greatness into their results.

When you approach a ‘sales’ conversation with the results first, you won’t have to tell the potential customers how great you are. They’ll figure it out on their own, be eager to work with you and will even share your greatness with other potential customers. If your aim is to build a clientele that truly benefits from your service or product and will hand out referrals based on your relationship with them, there’s no need to “compensate” with high pressure and heavy persuasion.

Call to Action: List the results one might receive from purchasing your product or service. Now build a sincere conversation strictly about the results. Try out this new sincere, results oriented conversation the next time you meet with a potential customer.