Exclusive – Insider Offer

We’re closing the year with an incredible offer that is exclusive for insiders and partners… that’s YOU! 

Our 2023 goal is to help as many non-profits as possible so we’re removing the two biggest obstacles to help you make that commitment to your continued success.

1. Location: We’ve made the mastermind DIGITAL so that anyone, anywhere can attend!

2. Price: For these 2 days only, we’re allowing you to pay what you can. We’re providing three payment options, choose what you can afford to pay.


Are these your current struggles?

Sadly, these issues are not uncommon.

They are, however, avoidable. If this outlines your non-profit, it’s time to invest in your ability to Serve More.

larek point - nonprofit - struggles

Structure BEFORE Service

Taking the time to outline and implement structure in your organization positions you to serve more people and make a bigger impact.

We knowyou want to serve as many people as possible and make as big of an impact in your community and on this planet as possible.

The fact is, you have to structure your organization for the exposure, the donors, the community partners and the volunteers BEFORE you actually begin serving anyone.  Otherwise, your presence and the community’s experience is inconsistent.

Inconsistent experiences means inconsistent funding.

Getting clear on how to structure the organization means that you can create the consistency you need to generate the funds you need to SERVE MORE.

Serve More Areas of Focus

Running your non-profit like a business means you have a plan for the key components of the organization. It also means that you have a plan for leading those efforts. You (or a faithful few) should not be doing everything in your organization. Others would be more inclined to help or to partner with your organization if they could immediately identify a path in which they could align themselves.

larek point - non-profit - structure
We create your success model. The exact annual system you will use.

Your Strategy

larek point - non-profit - fundraising
We create paths to consistent income and partnerships.

How to Make Money

larek point - non-profit - marketing
We develop a strategy to reach and engage with the community.

Creating Relationships

larek point - non-profit - volunteers
We develop clear roles, responsibilities and evaluation criteria.

Leading Your Team


larek point - nonprofit - strategy

Consistent Structure

Consistency behind the scenes create consistency in the way you show up in your community.

Consistent Results

When you show up consistently, people begin to have a reliable experience. When people can clearly see what you stand for AND feel the heart behind it, they are more likely to sponsor your events, assist with your programs and even become donors.

Without the sturcture in place, you’re likely going to continue experiencing:

Inconsistent Funding
Why you have inconsisent funding:

1. There is too much emphasis on one time giving.

2. Your ask is too broad and generic. People want to understand exactly where their money is going.

Low Attendance at Events
Why your events are not packed:

1. You’re not reaching enough people with your marketing efforts.

2. You’re not reaching the right people through your community partnerships.

High Volunteer Turnover
Why Volunteers Don’t Stick Around:

1. They don’t understand how they and their skills fit.

2. They get burned out quickly because you don’t have enough support to run your programs.

ammie - small business chamber - savannah
HI!  I’m Ammie.  I’ve been helping non-profits create organizational structure and fundraise for over 20 years.
I started Larek Point as a consulting firm for small businesses.  As I became more engaged with the community and local non-profit organizations, I quickly learned that non-profits were unnecessarily struggling.  Every organization needs the same principles and structure that I was helping businesses implement.

My efforts in the community were recognized with a Business Woman of the Year nomination with the Metropolitan Savannah Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

My career has afforded me incredible opportunities like leading the Small Business Chamber in Savannah, Georgia. The board and I completely rebranded the organization, doubled it’s membership and partnered with the City of Savannah to host the city’s first Big Business Symposium. We were able to impact the way small businesses and new non-profit organizations were positioning themselves for growth.  It is one of my favorite business experiences.

I’ve helped organize events that raised over $100K in one day.  I’ve even fundraised for large organizations like the American Cancer Society; building 14 teams that raised over $200K.

One of the all-time coolest experiences of my career was sharing the stage to teach marketing with the likes of Google, Forbes, SalesForce and Starbucks.

This is your chance to utilize my international business experience and the Larek Point team to grow your non-profit.

ammie - small business chamber - savannah
logos - google - forbes - salesforce - starbucks
Having your entire year outlined in one strategy session.

Our Four (4) Part Success System

Our success system gives you all of the tools you need to build structure, attract the right people, increase donations and

Serve More!

larek point - strategy session

Strategy Session

A full day strategy session for your entire board of directors. We’ll align your mission with revenue generating activities and key focus areas for your team.

larek point - monthly workshops

Monthly Workshops

Your success is determined by your ability to continue to learn and implement. Your team is invited to attend monthly workshops to help you stengthen weak areas.
larek point - quarterly planning sessions

Quarterly Planning

Mini strategy sessions to align each quarter to your annual goals. We track what’s working, what’s not working and plan for adjustments.
larek point - digital learning center

Digital Learning Center

All training videos, resources, worksheets, and reference material from the monthly workshops are available to your team to access 24/7.

Let’s Walk Through Them Together 

Some things you can expect to experience
Clarity in roles and responsibilities.
A true working board.
Sponsorship decks that companies want to sign on to.
A clear path to community engagement and voluteer activities.
A plan for increased funding for your programs.
Access to ask the experts all year long.

Your Entire Board is Engaged in Serve More

Our program engages with your entire board and a few of your key volunteers… all year long.


You’re not doing it alone anymore!

larek point - nonprofit - strategy

We start the Serve More program with a one-day strategy session. We’re spending a full day working on your organization. You’ll walk away with clarity and focus on what is needed to create the structure, outreach, leadership, and fundraising your organization requires to become the impactful organization you’ve always dreamed of and you work so hard for.

larek point - nonprofit - workshops

We host workshops every month.  These are three-hour courses where together we work through learning that your organization needs. You can send your entire team or designated roles to workshops each month (even volunteers).  Because our workshops are virtual, your team can tune in from their desk, from home or from your conference room. Our goal is to help you train the right people for the right positions.  Click to view a list of workshops.

larek point - nonprofit - planning

All board members are invited to a quarterly planning session. At the planning sessions you’ll have access to network with and learn from other non-profit organizations in the community.  Here is where you’ll begin tracking the plan put into place from the strategy session.

These quarterly planning sessions keep your organization on track but perhaps more importantly, they keep all board members on the same page all year long. They limit surprises or questions about what’s next or what ‘I’ need to do.  If you have a somewhat inactive board, this is likely the most valuable part of the Serve More program. Don’t miss this opportunity to engage your board.

larek point - nonprofit - digital learning

We realize that not all members of your organization will be available to attend every workshop live. We don’t want you to miss the learning opportunity just because schedules don’t align.  Each lesson will be available in our digital learning center. That means every person in your organization will have access to the learning material 24/7.  They are welcome to take the training when the time best fits their schedule, whether that’s 9AM on a Tuesday or 10PM on a Saturday. It’s available when you’re available.

The digital learning center includes: videos, worksheets, and the resources materials we use in the live workshops.

 Creating community partners that work with your organization ALL YEAR
larek ponit - non-profit types
larek point - is this right for my non-profit

Determining whether or not this program is right for your organization really comes down to how many you want to serve. Staying in the same situation for an extended period of time limits the number of people or pups you can serve and the impact you can make with your organization.

If you’re ready to ditch the struggle, create your success system, activate a true working baord, create highly funded and attended events, bring in more donations and serve more, then this program is for you.

larek point - non-profit - join

Great Question! There isn’t another program on the market that offers this much learning, personalized strategy, training and real growth for non-profit organizations!

>>  Actually, there isn’t a program that offers even half of this value for non-profits!

>>  You need a program that allows you to build specifically for your organization.

>>  You need time to work on your organzation’s development on a regular basis.

>>  You NEED TO STOP struggling!

>>  You NEED to generate revenue to fund your programs.

>>  You need to create an organization that attracts the right community partners, volunteers, sponsors and donors.

>>  You need a better way of onboarding, training and retaining volunteers.

>>  You need to be able to Serve More!

Insanely Valuable Bonuses:

Our mission is to not only provide you with the strategy and training you need to run and grow your organization but to truly become the one thing your organization cannot live without!

Yes, we said it. We’re so committed to your growth that we’re confident in the value we’ve built in that this Serve More program is THE THING you’ve needed to launch you into the positioning of service you’ve been hoping for.  What you built your organization for. 

We’re giving you several ways to get connected and market your events.

Our added bonuses alone are worth far more than the registration fee! 

larek point -nonprofit - Interview - streaming video series

Interview: A member of your organization will be interviewed by Ammie on her streaming business series ‘The DoverDrive Experience’.  Use this opportunity to share what your organization is doing in the local community and globally. Video content will afford your organization the reach it needs to gain global donors.

larek point -nonprofit - Interview - networking events

Networking: Larek Point Consulting will host exclusive, events for Serve More members (business and non-profit), sponsors, workshop instructors, and community leaders. Connect with the resources you need to grow your organization. $1,000+ in prizes and donations given away at each event.

larek point - nonprofit - promotion - social media
Exposure: We’re so dedicated to your success that we’re going to use our social media channels to share information about your organization throughout the year. Imagine thousands of new people getting introduced to your organization. That’s thousands of potential new donors, sponsors and volunteers.
larek point - nonprofit - partner promotion - live like locals

Partner Promotion: Our digital media partner, Live Like Locals, has graciously agreed to promote each Serve More member on their social media channels. That means you now have access to your digital audience, Larek Point’s digital audience and a local media outlet’s digital audience. INCREDIBLE!

Frequently Asked Questions
I'd like to join. How do we get started?

Keep scrolling down until you see the enrollment options. Pick which is best for you and enroll.

Annual Calendar of Events: We post the annual calendar for group sessions and workshops when enrollment opens. You can put every learning opportunity and planning session on your calendar on DAY ONE!

Digital Learning Center: Once we have the names and email addresses of your board and key volunteers, we’ll set up their accounts and your whole team will have access for a full year.


How long is this program?
It’s a full calendar year.  You’ll have access to the workshops, digital learning center and the quarterly planning sessions for an entire year.

After a year, you’ll be given the option to renew your membership. Our goal is to add so much value that you’ll be a member for as long as your non-profit exists.  We’re that confident about the value we’re going to add to your organization!

I just started my non-profit. Is the Serve More Mastermind a good fit for me?
Yes! Yes! and YES! Do yourself a favor and start your organization the right way. Build the structure from the very beginning. You’ll save yourself hours if not years of unnecessary struggle.
We're shifting buiness models for our service programs. Will this hinder the potential progress we can make in the Serve More program?
No.  As a matter of fact, it will help you gain clarity around the new business model, your programs and help you align future activities and personnel with the goals of those new programs.
We're a church. Is the Serve More Mastermind a good fit for churches?

Yes! We focus on the structure of the organization. Churches need the same things that other non-profits need, like: donations/fundraising/tithes, reach and engagement with the community, marketing, and clearly defined roles and responsibilities for paid staff and volunteers.  Churches are a great fit for the Serve More Mastermind.

We're an established non-profit but seem to have reached a plateau with incoming revenue. Is the Serve More program a good fit for us?
Yes! During the strategy session, we’ll look at what you’re currently doing and how to make tweaks that will yield major results and show you new ways to generate revenue. This is the place where you’re going to get unstuck!
Can Volunteers Attend Workhops?

Yes! We encourage you to send your volunteers to the workshops.  We know they are an integral part of your organization and need ongoing training and support.  We’re glad to provide that training and support to them!

Please note that Strategy Sessions and Quarterly Planning Sessions are reserved for board members only.


How many people can we enroll in a workshop?

As many as you need to. The workshops are all virtual. When you enroll, you’ll send email addresses for your team members and each can enroll themselves in any workshop they are interested.