One day or day one. You decide.
What can happen in 1 day?

Creative & Aggressive: A new approach for immediate results

Fresh Eyes: New opportunities for quick change

Remove Bottlenecks: More Efficiency = More Profit

Free Your Time for what’s important

Free Your Time for prospecting and sales

Free Your Time to focus on growth

Sales: Strategic systems for growth, not chasing individual sales

Leadership: Equipping emerging leaders to build future leaders

Mastermind: Gain access to a team of trusted advisors


  • Unpredictable revenue streams?  
  • Bogged down by administrative tasks?  
  • No strategic plan to progress?

Most small business owners have been in your shoes. The good news is that together we can change things. Through systematic consulting, we bring structure to your business so that you can stop the cycle of feast or famine and refocus your energy into revenue generating activities.

At Larek Point Consulting we specialize in developing road maps that help take the guess-work out of growth.


Are you unsure of where your next client will come from?

Are you struggling to make enough money?

Are you following an action plan to accomplish your goals?

Larek Point Consulting has helped Sago and me as an owner grow leaps and bounds throughout the years.  From business planning, budgeting, and working with employees they have helped me create a company and service to be proud of.  Ammie cuts to the chase and genuinely wants to see you succeed.

Stacie Jaynes

Owner, Sago Property Management

How Badly Do You Want Growth?

Are you ready to bring structure to your business such that you can stop the cycle of feast or famine and refocus your energy into revenue generating activities?

Contact us today so we can begin developing a road map that will help take the guess-work out of entrepreneurship.

Ready to learn a better way?

Are you getting the results you want?  What will happen if nothing changes?  Getting a fresh look at your model from a savvy business mind can deliver actionable results and a strong return on investment quickly.

You have nothing to lose when you request a no obligation consultation.  Get on the pathway to your goals today.

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We’re Incredibly Proud of Our Clients

Ammie is a true professional and has inspired me to take some small but very significant changes to my business. These changes have freed up time previously spent on administrative tasks and allowed me to focus on income-producing tasks.

Debra Schmidt

Director, Arbonne

Larek Point Founder Ammie Dover is the real deal.  She quickly found the bottle-necks in our success path and provided a simple, actionable plan that provided an immediate and continuing return.  She has occasionally sent suggestions over outside of our strategy sessions proving that she is not just another consultant but a partner in my success.  

Andrew Reilley

CEO, United WebWorks

Imagine someone taking your business/office and growing it into a connected, thriving brand. Follow Ammie's step by step strategies to growing your revenue generation and customer base. Ammie will advise you on growing strategically and intentionally building a network to support your business.

Mia Mance

CEO, Mia Talks