Sales Training


Your goals and team are unique. We customize to suit your needs. You’ve taken time to crunch the numbers, analyze and plan for meeting ambitious goals for your team. Why should your training be any different?


Sales Training


Sales are inconsistent and turnover is high.

All of your team members do not identify themselves as sales people.

Technicians don’t upsell from the field.


Build an entire company of sales people.  We start with a clear understanding how how to provide solutions to customers through your products and services.  Then we create roadmap of activities and scheduled systems for consistent sales. No more chasing the numbers or unwilling customers. No more leaving money on the table.


Each class is developed specifically for your business and/or department goals. We’ll have a 90-minute consultation call, to assess your strengths and weaknesses. No judgements, we just need to know how big the gap is between where you are right now and where you want to be.

TOPICS: Problem Solving, Communicating Solutions, Strategic Growth, Automation, Embracing Technology, Closing Conversation

Change is hard.

You don’t have to do it alone! A follow-on program will reinforce the new knowledge and skills your team has learned, and further assist your employees with implementation. We do this, too. It’s an optional level, but highly encouraged. Most people learn through repitition and reinforcement. We know you’re busy running your business or department. Let us help create your new all star sales team.

Ammie Dover

Larek Point Consulting CEO

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