We often hear the word ‘reach’ associated with social media or your audience.

Today, we’re talking about reach in a different capacity.  We’re using the word reach as a verb; to make a stretch. You may want a piece of paper and a pen for this one. We believe in action. This is an exercise in ACTION. Remember that we’re speaking in verb form. Verb means action.  Here are your action steps:

Step One:

Think about one thing you’d like to have or achieve in your business that you need some help achieving.  We’re talking about something that might be one step removed from being within your reach. Got it?

Step Two:

Now, think about who you know that could help you to make it happen or make a connection you need to bring you one step closer.  That may be one person, it may be a several people. Just make your list.

Step Three:

Craft a message for those people. Get your thoughts down on paper. Be clear about what you need, why it’s important and your specific ask.

Don’t forget your connection message. While this part of your ask will be listed first, it’s often easier to write this part last. The connection is usually easier to outline once you have clarity surrounding your ask.

Step Four:

Pull this all together.

Section 1: Connection and pleasantries first. Mention a genuine connection and remind them why you guys make such a powerful partnership.

Section 2: Ask about what’s new with them and ask if there’s anything you can assist with. Better yet, have something of value to present to them! – Be a giver before you ever ask for anything!

Section 3: Explain what you’re trying to accomplish and why it’s important.

Section 4: Make your ask. Be clear and specific on what you want them to do. Make sure you give them a timeline. Creating a sense of urgency helps them to prioritize the ask into their schedule. The last thing you want them to do is think that they’ll get to it later. Later, they’ll be busy running their own business. Always give a timeline.

Section 5: Set up a time to connect so that you can both follow through.

Step Five:

Finally, REACH OUT!

The purpose of this exercise is to stretch yourself and your network to make one good connection that will help move your goals and your business forward.

Extend your action plan to REACH OUT to your network and REACH for what you need.

Businesses often get stuck because the business owner tries to do everything themselves. You can’t!  Let me say that again, you can’t do it all alone!

You need a strong network of people who care about building true partnerships that help you all collectively succeed.

If you don’t have the network you need to build valuable partnerships, it may be time to surround yourself with new people.  Schedule a time to talk and let’s show you how to position yourself to begin entering the right rooms.