Strategy Session



Strategy Session:
Two-part strategy session with report 

Strategy sessions:  Two (2) – Six (6) hour one-on-one sessions

Purpose: to analyze current status of the business, identify opportunities, set goals and develop actions needed to close the gap between where you are now and where you want to go.

Assess organization structure to establish clarity on mission/vision, roles, responsibilities, and tracking/reporting structure.

Report: a report and recommendations on path forward delivered in a two (2) hour meeting

Report consists of pathways and financial projections for marketing, sales, revenue goals, salaries, and how to develop team cohesion, etc.


Goal of Engagement: The ultimate goal is to:

  • outline a clear path forward to achieve goals
  • outline opportunities to increase revenue
  • outline a team structure that aligns individual strengths with company needs
  • outline an avenue to increase efficiencies and productivity


Timeline: The entire engagement takes three (3) weeks.
Week 1: Strategy session one
Week 2: Strategy session two
Week 3: Reporting session