Create Your Fundraising Plan

Funding is usually the biggest hurdle non-profit organizations have. You rely on the generosity of others to fund your programs. You have an amazing cause that fills an incredible need in your community. So why don’t more people/businesses contribute?

The biggest reason people do not contribute is because they were not asked to.

Increasing your funding is not as simple as increasing your asks. You must also be making a very clear and impactful ask.

It’s time to develop the tools to equip your team to make more asks that get more yeses.

larek point consulting - train team to increase outreach and raise more funds - non-profit

Your team (paid and volunteer) do not make asks often enough because they do not have a system for making ongoing asks and they sometimes feel uncomfortable asking.

We’ve built a giving plan that takes the guesswork out of asking for contributions.

Not only have we developed a Giving Plan Template that you can use to outline your giving requests and even track your asks, we’ve developed a Partnership Deck Template that has  a proven track record of converting.

You can get immediate access to our two part system and begin developing a fundraising plan.

Giving Plan:

Utilize this Giving Plan Template to Implement the 5 T’s of Giving

Giving Plan Template – Implement the 5 T’s of Giving

larek point consulting - non-profit - giving plan - 5ts

Create a fundraising plan for your entire team!

The beautiful thing about this Giving Plan template is that once it’s complete, it becomes a guide for your employees, board members and volunteers to use ALL YEAR LONG.

This template provides you with an area that defines each ‘T’ and HOW it IMPACTS your organization. 

Use the Giving Plan train on WHAT and WHY community engagement is imporant. Then, use the worksheets for each section to show your team HOW to integrate making connections for the organization’s needs into their daily routine.

Edit the Giving Plan Template every year to align to new programs, events, community needs, and resource inventory.

larek point consulting - fundraising - non-profit

Wouldn’t it be amazing if your entire team contributed to fundraising? We think so!

Use the Giving Plan to Set & Track Fundraising Goals

We’ve built the plan such that you track progress monthly. Then no one person or team carries the load for fundraising. Now, you can build a strong and sustainable fundraising plan that engages the entire team and encourages your collective network to make meaningful contributions.

Edit the template to align with your organization’s mission, goals, programs and of course your fundraising needs.

Use the worksheets to train your team.


to our 33 page plug and play Giving Plan Canva template 

larek point consulting - non-profit - Giving Plan - Canva Template

Partnership Deck:

Use this template to get more businesses to say YES to help fund programs & events

Partnership Deck that Business Want to Say YES to!

larek point consulting - partnership deck - non-profit

Build YEAR LONG Partnerships

NOT One-time Sponsors

The beautiful thing about this Partnership Deck template is that you can create one for everything or you can break your events/programs in to categories and create partnerships based on those categories. It’s flexible enough that you can make it what you need it to be. The important part is to SHOW VALUE. 

Use this template to create a compelling story about why partnering with your organization is THE THING that businesses have been waiting for.

Edit the Partnership Deck Template every year to align to new programs, events, and community needs. 

larek point consulting - #1 reason - sponsorship

The number ONE reason business don’t sponsor your events is because they don’t see the value in partnering with your organization ONE TIME.

Now, I’m not saying there isn’t value in partnering with you at all. I’m saying that the value is limited with a 90 day event marketing plan. We take a new approach to sponsorship and we like to create Community Partners that work with your organization ALL YEAR LONG.


Businesses need you as much as you need them!

If your partnership offers do not immediately speak to their needs, then they are not likely to say yes. You have to maximize their exposure and spell it out in great detail. 

Use this Partnership Deck template to outline the value you can add to a business by partnering together for a full year. 


to our 33 page plug and play Partnership Deck Canva template 

larek point consulting - partnership deck - non-profit

Access BOTH:

Teach your team how to bring partneship opportunities to the community!

This is the Missing Link!

larek point consulting - fundraising - non-profits

Equip EVERYONE to Fundraise

FINALLY, a fundraising plan that the WHOLE TEAM can implement. Once you develop the materials, you can share these files and train every employee, every board member AND every volunteer. 

Fundraising doesn’t come natural to everyone. You have to TEACH your team how to represent you in the community, engage with the community and make the right ask at the right time. We’ve simplified that process. 

Download these templates and finally develop a fundraising strategy that your WHOLE TEAM can implement.

Giving Plan

larek point consulting - non-profit - Giving Plan - Canva Template

5 T’s of Giving

Define what they mean for your organization, train your team on how to implement them and use the worksheets to track progress and increases in funding.

Partnership Deck

larek point consulting - partnership deck - template - non-profit

Make YES the ONLY Option

We guide you through how to develop a partnership that businesses NEED to say YES to. Maximize your relationships and develop a WIN/WIN partnership.

Funding Bundle

larek point consulting - fundraising bundle - non-profits

Increase Fundraising

Once you teach your team how to communicate the 5 Ts in the community, give them a tool that they can present forward to their network & help increase funding.

What to Expect from this Fundraising Plan:

A fundraising strategy for the entire year.

A method for educating your entire team on how to fundraise.

A way to track each person’s fundraising efforts.

A consistent message being brought forth to the community.

A pathway to reaching your annual fundraising goal.

An exponential increase in the likelihood that  people and businesses will say YES to your asks and become more involved in your organization.

An increase in Corporate Partnerships.

An increase in the impact you can make!

Create a System to Increase Fundraising

These templates are dedicated to showing you how to increase FUNDING by presenting opportunities that the community want and need to say YES to.


Develop your new Fundraising Strategy TODAY!

larek point consulting - increase team fundraising - non-profit
larek point consulting - increase community engagement - non-profits
larek point consulting - increase corporate funding - non-profits
larek point - is this right for my non-profit

Does your organization need to raise money to thrive and create an impact in your community? If the answer is yes, then you need a system to generate ongoing contributions and involvement from people and businesses within your community.

We created the Giving Plan Template as a guide in training your team how to engage their network in making contributions to your organization.

We created the Partnership Deck because we’ve found that most non-profits ask for one-time sponsorships that lack impact and value. We want you get MORE YESES to partnership requests!

Dowload one or both of the plug and play

Fundraising Canva templates


Having a fundraising plan that your ENTIRE TEAM helps to impement.

Train Your Team

In order to retain volunteers, you MUST train them. You have to teach your volunteers how to be successful within your organization AND you MUST have a system for accountability. People want to make an impact but they don’t always know the best path to do that. They are truly looking to you to teach them and lead them to being successful inside your organization. 

After completing these Volunteer management templates, you will have a volunteer managmeent system that will help to train and retain top talent in your organization. You will be able to decrease volunteer turnover and increase your impact.

Create your thriving volunteer program now!

What’s Included

These templates (Giving Plan and Sponsorship Deck) are Canva templates – editable online through your Canva account. Each is customizable.

When you purchase, you get instant access to one or all three (3) Canva Templates. Each template is between 11 and 18 pages of editable content to develop a comprehensive training plan for your volunteers.

Fully editable in Canva – Change content, text, fonts, and images to fit your organization’s brand guidelines.

How it Works

Each purchase is a digital instant access. No physical copy will be shipped.

  1. You will need a Canva account to be able to edit. Get a free account HERE.
  2. After you order, you will receive immediate access to the template. You will also receive an email containing the link to edit the template.
  3. Begin editing and customizing to meet your needs.
  4. Download your design and share it with your volunteers.

Due to the instant nature of this transaction, we do not offer refunds or exchanges. You will have immediate access to our IP.

If you have any technical problems with the template, simply respond to the email you receive with the link.


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