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A Note from Ammie

Our Way of Giving Back

We are so blessed to be trusted enough to be asked to donate our time and expertise to non-profits. This team has such a giving heart and truly wants to help as many non-profits as possible. Sadly, it is not possible to donate to every one who asks.

With a giving spirit at the forefront, we came together and asked ourselves how we can increase our impact and help you increase your impact. We realize that small organizations cannot afford to bring in a consulting company to help them develop the structure of their organization. BUT, the need for the structure is still there.

The best way we can give non-profits both what they need and what they can afford is by streamlining some of our systems and programs. We’ve condensed them into plug and play templates that you can use on your own. Our templates guide you through the learning and how to implement the guides once they’re complete.

We’re giving you the tools you need to develop structure and train your team on how to be successful.

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the details matter

Just like in sports, you must practice the fundamentals on a daily basis before you play in the big game. 

The key to growing your non-profit is doing the small things well, over and over again, in any circumstance.  When you can be trusted with the small things, your community will begin to trust you with the big things, like large donations.

Many non-profits struggle to gain the funding they need because they skip the basic tasks that keep the community informed and engaged. It’s time that you develop a plan and focus your whole team’s energy on working the plan.

Increase Fundraising


Finally, fund all of your programs for the entire year.

2 Fundraising Templates


There are five (5) key areas of giving. The concept of the 5 Ts of Giving has been around for quite some time. The problem is that most people understand what they are but not how to make them work for their non-profit.

We want to move you beyond a broad stroke of awareness and into an ACTION PLAN.

We use the framework of the 5 Ts to help non-profits just like yours create a system that engages your whole team: board members, staff and volunteers and helps you increase your funding and community engagement.

larek point consulting - non-profit - giving plan - fundraising


There are many ways the community can become engaged in your non-profit. Learn how to maximize them all. THEN, train your team to implement the plan. 

larek point consulting - non-profit - partnership deck - funding


Learn how to create partnerships that lead to mutual success and community engagement. Build a partnership deck that local businesses want to say YES to.


larek point consulting - non-profit - giving plan - 5ts

access the plug & play template

We walk you through defining what each of the Ts means to your organization, defining where the need is and we even provide you with worksheets to show your team how to begin developing their individual giving goals based on the organization’s needs and calendar of events. 

We’ve simplified the process of how to engage your entire team to help you

increase: engagement, funding and impact

build your giving plan and fund your programs

Create a Volunteer Impact Army


Volunteers are such a gift to your organization. Train them for longevity and success.

3 Volunteer Training Templates


The #1 reason volunteers under perform is because they were not set up with a plan for their success. You cannot expect people to join your organization and automagically know how to best fit in and make an impact. That’s unrealistic!


It is important to onboard your volunteers the same way that Fortune 500 companies onboard employees. Well, not exactly the same way, we know you don’t have a full administrative department that leads onboarding and training. That’s why we created a training program that will help you set your volunteers up for success. One that is quick, easy to implement and affordable.

Non-profits just like your use our templates to create orientation manuals, communication plans and even technical training guides.

Our Canva Templates walk you through informing EVERY volunteer about your mission, vision, programs, constituents, and your culture.
They walk you through what a volunteer needs to know on DAY ONE to learn how to best utilize and maximize their skill set to help you further your mission.
larek point - volunteer orientation training - nonprofit


Volunteers must first know your organization well before they can begin to figure out how to best use their skills to help you grow it and increase your community impact.

larek point - communication plan - nonprofit


The #1 thing volunteers complain about is that there is poor communication inside non-profits. A communication plan helps EVERYONE know what’s going on at all times. 

larek point - volunteer technical training - nonprofit


Even seasoned professionals need clear expectations surrounding their role inside your non-profit. You cannot assume that a volunteer will know how to do the work at your brand standard.

larek point - volunteer training

Here’s our favorite parts about this…

Well trained volunteers who feel good about the impact that they’re making… STAY with your organization LONGER.

The longer a volunteer is with you, the greater your collective impact.

learn how to build volunteer training system

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