Power in numbers

12 Sessions: Meeting Monthly
Time: 9AM – 4PM
Choose a Location Near You:
Savannah, GA: Every 1st Thursday of the Month
Jacksonville, FL: Every 2nd Thursday of the Month

DOUBLE Your Success Rate

Studies have shown that you double your probability of success by seeking external guidance and mentorship.  This is your opportunity to build an advisory board.  Build a team to run ideas by, you know before before implementing them only to find out later that your bright idea had a few holes.  We’re giving you that opportunity.

Industry exclusivity provides a non-competitive environment for open collaboration and strategy.

The groups are deliberately small so that every participant will have an opportunity to present to the group at least once.  Bring us your ideas, problems, and opportunities.  Let the team provide you expert feedback; afterall, the room will be filled with seasoned business owners.

Each month will be structured with learning material and time for collaborative strategy.

This Mastermind group is for you if:

  • You are currently struggling with employee issues, finding time for training, developing new marketing material and scaling.
  • You believe in the value of learning from other’s mistakes and successes.
  • You would like to build a support system of like-minded business owners.
  • You’re ready to run your business instead of allowing your business to run you.

Build Your Team of Trusted Advisors

Business owners can often feel isolated in the decision making process.  It feels a bit like you’re stranded an island but with none of the island perks.  Your friends and family are sympathetic but offer little tangible help.  You’d love nothing more to ask your competition how they’re doing it but well, they’re not exactly lining up to divulge trade secrets.

Each month a company will have the opportunity to present an idea, problem, strategy or opportunity.  The group serves as your advisory board.  You will receive immediate feedback on the concept.  This isn’t just any feedback, the other attendees are seasoned business owners.  Each person will bring their strenghts to the group and will share ideas and constructive feedback.  In our experience, this is usually the most valuable part of the entire experience.  Finally, a team of qualified people to work on YOUR business.

Savannah, GA: Every 1st Thursday of the Month
Jacksonville, FL: Every 2nd Thursday of the Month

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