Quick Question:

How much money does your business lose every day?

We set goals for making money but rarely take the time to evaluate the ROI on the activities we perform every day.  How much of wha you do every day actually costs you money and delays progress?   STOP!  You’re losing money.  Join our next workshop to learn how to build systems that build businesses.

Classes are offered throughout the year at both our facility and yours

Our facility:  We offer several classes and workshops throughout the year at our location.

Your facility:  We assess your team’s needs and bring one of our classes to your location.  Our fees include an extensive consultation and course preparation to ensure content is fully customized specifically for you.

Please contact us if the class you are most interested in is not listed below with available registration dates.

Training Classes Include:

Mastermind Groups
Strategic Mindset for Success (Sales Strategy)
Work to Grow Not to Sell (Sales Strategy)
Workshop: Replicate to Eliminate (Systems for Sales)
Creating Customer Loyalty (Customer Service)

2 Day Workshop:  October 24th & 25th
Time: 8:30AM – 4:30PM each day
Lunch Provided
Location: Midtown Savannah
1149 Cornell Street – Suite 3B – Savannah, GA


Workshop: Replicate to Eliminate

I hear all the time, I need more sales.  Well, what happens when you get them?  Are you ready for them?  Sure, your bank account is but is the business itself ready?  I challenge you to spend some time structuring your business so that:

  1. You’re ready for more sales
  2. You have the time to go find more customers

During our two days together, you’re going to learn to:

  • Remove yourself as the bottleneck
  • Focus your time on client facing and growth activities
  • Identify and define activities to delegate
  • Create a strategy to Educate, Empower and Evaluate your team
  • Create a marketing strategy that generates sales WITHOUT you

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12 Sessions: Meeting Monthly
Time: 8:30AM – 4:30PM
Lunch Provided
Choose a Location Near You:
Savannah, GA: Every 1st Thursday of the Month
Jacksonville, FL: Every 2nd Thursday of the Month


Mastermind: 2018 Sessions

Have you ever wished that you had an advisory board?  How would you like a team to run ideas by, you know before before implementing them only to find out later that your bright idea had a few holes?  We’re giving you that opportunity.

Industry exclusivity provides a non-competitive environment for open collaboration and strategy.

The groups are deliberately small so that every participant will have an opportunity to present to the group at least once.  Bring us your ideas, problems, and opportunities.  Let the team provide you expert feedback; afterall, the room will be filled with seasoned business owners.

Each month will be structured with learning material and time for collaborative strategy.


Price Qty
Mastermind: Savannah, GAshow details + $3,499.00 (USD)  
Mastermind: Jacksonville, FLshow details + $3,499.00 (USD)  

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