Leadership Training


You won’t get different results by doing what you’ve always done. Get customized training for results you need, right now!


Leadership Training


Your highly motivated people are leaving the company because they don’t have a career trajectory mapped out.

Most people lead with an approach that works best for them, not for the individual being led.


Our training plans create engaged, challenged leaders.

We’re building leaders who are agile in their approach but firmly rooted in their mission.


Each class is developed specifically for your business and/or department goals. We’ll have a 90-minute consultation call, to assess your strengths and weaknesses. No judgements, we just need to know how big the gap is between where you are right now and where you want to be.

TOPICS: Leading by Example, Leadership Styles, Positive Communication, Consistency Creates Loyalty, Employee Development, Conflict Resolution

Change is hard.

A follow-on program will reinforce the new knowledge and skills your team has learned, and further assist your employees with implementation. We do this, too. Optional, but highly encouraged.

Ammie Dover

Larek Point Consulting CEO

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