KNOW YOUR WORTH AND ASK FOR ITIn the beginning we tend to ask for what we think someone can or will pay for our services.  We’ve all been there.  We’re sitting across the table from someone for half an hour.  Through an enlightening conversation you both come to the conclusion that your services are exactly what they need.  When you broach the topic of fee the person who only moments ago thought you were a genius starts to clam up.  Rather than give your real rate and risk not being able to close the sale, you lower your price to a number that you think they would be willing to pay.

You may be able to close the sale but at what cost?  Not only have you allowed someone to pay you less than you’re worth but now you’ve also busied yourself with an underpaying client.  The time you spend working for underpaying clients reduces the time you have available to nurture relationships with other prospective clients who recognize the value of your services and will gladly pay for it.

Know your worth and ask for it. Give your real prices.  Give each prospective client the opportunity to decide for themselves.  You’ll notice that those who really want to work with you will pay you.