Of course you are. You’re a business owner. There are a million things to do just to maintain status quo and a million more things you hope to get to eventually so that the business can grow. Sound familiar?

Now let me ask another question. Are you productive? So many business owners confuse busyness with productivity. While both do take up a considerable amount of your time, the end results of that time are not the same. Let’s find an answer to a new question, then- Are you busy AND productive?  Let’s break them down a bit to differentiate between the two.

When I say the word busy, I equate that to administrative activities. These are all the things that must get done to keep the business functioning day-to-day, and are counted as necessary overhead, not profit-building. These are the necessary organizational evils of a business. They keep the business running but have little to no effect on increasing revenue, and it’s often the first role that gets hired or outsourced.

When I say the word productive, I equate that to revenue generating activities. These are the things that you do that bring you money. Productivity can be associated with business development, marketing, and sales. These are all activities that have an effect on increasing revenue. Are your hours of work earning more for or subtracting from your bottom line?

If I ask you now if you are busy or productive, what would the answer be?

Call to Action: Take stock of your daily activities and fully understand how you’re spending your time. We can’t get rid of all the busy work but we should delegate what we can so that we can maximize productivity.