IS YOUR BUSINESS COOLThe Smithsonian recently announced a new exhibit called American Cool. It features the top 100 American cultural icons that helped to define cool. I have no doubt that each person, whether making a self-proclamation of cool or not, knew that they were different. For some reason or a series of reasons, they didn’t quite fit the mold. With that knowledge, they each dared to dream and live outside the box.

Businesses don’t necessarily have to be cool or iconic to be successful. What they do need is a distinct quality. Successful businesses have carved out a niche in their marketplace by highlighting their distinct quality. Much of what captures the essence of cool is being unique. Just like those that helped to define cool, you have to dare to be extraordinary. How are you different than your competitors? Take a moment and answer that question.

So many enterprises are in search of that elusive panache that makes them the brand in the public spotlight. Even more effort is spent in keeping that spotlight firmly pointed in their direction. It does make companies pay attention to what customers want!

Not only do you have to be different than your competitors but you have to make it your #1 priority to help your potential customers understand the difference.

Customers have options… lots of options. Your competition is offering same or similar products. What you do to differentiate yourself will be a large contributing factor in a customer’s decision making process. What are you doing to tell your customers how you’re different? Where do you have an edge that none of your competitors do? What adds value to your brand, or creates trust between you and your customers? There are so many answers to these questions- find yours!

I’d love to hear what you’re doing that makes you special and how you are broadcasting that to your target market. Please leave a comment below.