Customers are wonderful, but sometimes they forget that you have other things to do! So, how do you keep your customers happy (even the needy ones) while still being able to stay in control of your day? In my recent #AskAmmie video on my YouTube channel, I outline TWO helpful tips that will give you freedom from time-consuming customers! 

What should you do when your hour-long appointment shows up 15 minutes late? Here’s my advice: Show that you expect others to plan their time effectively and that your time is valuable. Set HARD STOP TIMES for ALL meetings.

If a client strolls in late for an appointment that is scheduled to end at a definite time, the meeting ends at that time, no exceptions. Stand up, shake their hand and say, “I’ve got a full day, and if you’d like to continue our conversation, we’ll set up a time to do so.” It won’t take long for even your most insensitive clients to “get it.” 

But wait!

What if there are times when deadlines loom or there are other extenuating circumstances that impacted your appointment? Easy: Define ahead of time what counts as an emergency that requires bending rule No. 1.

There should be VERY few instances that constitute an emergency for either you or your client. Emergencies should clearly be exceptional for both you and your client. If you both have different definitions of this, you need to schedule an appointment (with a hard stop time!) and make sure your expectations at the same level.

Follow these two expectation-setting rules and you’re on your way to a much more relaxed and fulfilling work life!

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