How Hiring Has Changed

Hiring has changed tremendously in the past couple of years.  For small to medium sized businesses, this can actually be a very positive shift.

Running a successful business or department means being resilient and agile. We have all been through so much change in the past two years. Unfortunately, many businesses are still hoping to get back to normal and are trying to do business the same way. 2019 is gone. It’s not coming back, and neither are 2019 business practices.

I recently had the pleasure of speaking at the Women in Business conference hosted by the Metropolitan Savannah Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. If you’ve ever attended one of my talks, I like to interact with the audience. I like to hear what their struggles are and speak directly to those needs. Here’s what I heard and shared in that room:


    1. We must adopt a new way of hiring. Hiring employees to wear seven or eight different hats is doing your business and the employee a disservice. There’s no way they are good at all of the things thrown at them. Rather than expecting your team to be a unicorn who sprinkles fairy dust on your business, why not hire per project. You’ll have more people enter into your business when you hire by project, but they’ll be focused on delivering a higher quality product. They will also likely deliver it faster since this is what the excel in. Let go of the one size fits all hiring and begin hiring for needs and solutions. The gig economy is booming, and people are more than happy to enter into your business and help you solve your problems.
    2. If you do hire, whether an employee or a contractor, it’s important to set them up for success. No one will do it like you. However, if you train and lead people to utilize their talents and creativity, they may surprise you and even do it better than you. Yes, I said it. If your business solely relies on your skills alone for success, you are truly limiting your business. Step into a role of leadership and guide your team to think through the problems.

We work with a lot of emerging businesses. Emerging is another way of saying growing. Growing businesses have growing pains. In order to grow, business owners have to get out of the mindset of doing it all on their own and embrace leading people who may not already produce at their standard.

Businesses are looking for a unicorn in their employees when the reality is that the unicorn is the leadership.

It’s likely time to re-evaluate how you’re building your team, your hiring practices and freshen up those job requisitions.

If you’re considering outsourcing but would like to learn more about how to hire per project or per deliverable rather than hire full-time, let’s talk. Schedule a time and let’s move your business forward.