FEAST OR FAMINEDoes your business suffer from a cycle of feast or famine? It’s not unusual for small businesses.. especially in the first couple of years of business. I’d like to share a little secret with you.. you can virtually eliminate the cycle.

Want to know how a seasoned business owner does it? With targeted, continuous marketing. You see most people only market their business when they’ve reached the famine stage. By then it’s too late. You’re already behind. You must market your business year round. Yes, that means even when you have enough customers to pay the bills and take a vacation.

There are two keys to making this successful.

1. Create systems for marketing.
2. Build it into your schedule.

Marketing cannot be an after thought. You must create a system that works for you and you must build it into your business rhythm.

Ammie’s Assignment: This one requires a little analysis. Ask yourself, what one piece of marketing brings in the most business. Now, take a look at your schedule and see how you can build that one thing into your schedule more. Marketing doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You can start slowly and integrate more techniques and avenues as you get comfortable with each new business rhythm.