Who Opens Emails?

My inbox is a sacred place. My inbox is about building a business by changing lives. It’s reserved for customers, prospects and partners. I’m always looking for ways to reach new people and change even more lives, and I start with the assumption that the person who sent me an email are also on a mission to grow their business.  If that’s so, it means I’m really not interested in sorting through any extra noise in my inbox.

How about your inbox? Those who make it in must be adding value to your overall mission. Notice that I didn’t say, selling value? The same is true for your prospects and customers. Your customers’ inboxes are is not your sales platform.  While it may contribute to a future sale, it certainly shouldn’t feel like that. They need to feel your commitment to helping them solve their most imminent needs.

Most people do business with people and brands that they know, like and trust. You have to build that rapport with your customers BEFORE you ever try to sell to them. That means adding value. People open emails from people and brands that enrich their lives.

Your clients must know, like and trust you BEFORE they ever need you. That means you have to have a system in place for communicating your value. Email marketing is a fantastic tool to utilize to stay in the forefront of your customers’ minds.  It’s an avenue for you to share information about how you’re solving problems, what new products or services you are launching, upcoming events, information about you and your team and sometimes, just to say hello or share some information that adds value to their day.

As you’re building your email marketing campaigns, remember this:  value first – sales second.

What are the best email campaigns you’ve encountered? Whose emails do you always open? Think about the reason why they make it into your inbox and ask what you can do that’s similar.