EFFORTDo you feel constantly busy but your revenue doesn’t reflect it?   Lack of results is directly tied to effort. (tweet this)  Either you aren’t giving enough effort or the effort isn’t targeted such that you’re doing and saying the right things, to the right people, at the right time, and on the right medium.  Effort requires strategy, else you simply end up busy and broke. (tweet this)

There are a couple of key questions you should be asking yourself:

Where are my customers? If you’re a realtor and the only place you’re networking is at realtor conventions and realtor specific organizations, you’re fishing in a dry lake.  While it’s important to incorporate industry specific networking to stay connected, it can’t be the only place you’re networking.  You must be where your clients are.

What problem am I solving for my customers? If you don’t know what your client’s biggest issues are, you can’t speak to them in a client attractive manner. (tweet this)  If you don’t know what your clients are attracted to, it’s going to be difficult to attract them. (tweet this)  It is much easier to fish with a baited hook than with a spear.  You don’t want to blindly take a stab at gaining new clients.  I’m not sure where this fishing analogy came from but I suddenly want a fresh salad topped blackened mahi mahi and mango salsa.  Yum!  But I digress.

Your marketing schedule and materials will be based on these two facts.  Everywhere that you network should be determined by where your ideal client gathers and where others who share your ideal client gather.  Every bit of your marketing materials should be based on solving your ideal client’s biggest problems.

Ammie’s Assignment:  Take some time and make a list of all of the possible answers to these two questions.  If you’re unsure of either, ask your existing clients.