Larek Point Consulting’s Corporate Training Seminar Accredited by the Human Resources Certification Institute

Larek Point Consulting’s corporate training seminars have been accredited by the Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI). Ammie Dover, a well-known business strategist and corporate trainer with Larek Point, met strenuous academic requirements on top of professional qualifications, earning the prestigious certification.  This career long commitment demonstrates dedication and mastery of corporate training.

What makes Larek Point’s corporate training seminars unique is that customized consulting is built in before training to discover pain points and after training for follow-up and implementation. This approach allows Larek Point’s team to become successful partners with accountability, not fly-by-night training vendors. They become an extension of your team:

  • to understand how this training will impact strategic growth plans
  • to have an ongoing relationship with employees after training
  • to uncover pain points and build training around specific needs
  • to implement the learning, not just teach new technology.


Additionally, Dover was recently featured in Human Resources Professionals Magazine as a highlight of the 2018 Tennessee Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Strategic Leadership Conference in Nashville.  At the conference, she spoke on “Branded Leadership Creating A Unified Team”.

Larek Point continues to grow the elite One-Day Corporate Training Seminars, where teams can get the jump-start they need in just one day.  In order to make these seminars the most effective, pre-meetings are held to identify pain points, goals and strategies for the seminar. After the seminar, team members have access to password-protected resources and follow-up calls to clarify and build on the seminar experience.  Without wasted time or added fluff, Larek Point’s team is able to pack multiple days worth of progress in a one-day program.

If you are interested in learning more about One Day Corporate Training or a long-term consultative relationship, please contact Larek Point Consulting here or call at 443-306-5150. 


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