I hear this one a lot: “Does social media marketing work?” The number one thing that people tell me is that they don’t understand how to use and utilize social media.  They don’t see how it works.  There are so many people talking about how to do it correctly.  I could compile a list of blog posts and magazine articles about social media that would be as thick as the latest edition of the Encyclopedia Britanica.  I understand why so few people have mastered it… there simply isn’t enough time in the day to keep up with all the possibilities and ever changing ranking algorithms.  Just to prove the point, I searched the app store on my smart phone for ‘social media’ and 1,527 results were returned.

So how do you utilize social media to help grow your business without getting a Ph.D. in social networking or mastering all 1,527 apps?  You do this in two ways:

YOUR CONTENT: Post quality content on the platforms that your ideal client uses most. (tweet this) If you’re sharing relevant information, people are more likely to take the time to like or share your content. Those likes and shares are what will help to organically grow your reach and rankings.  The search engines and those who are searching are looking for the most talked about topics/articles/posts/etc. on the web.

YOUR PROFILE: Your profile can be a missed opportunity to tell prospective followers and clients about your services. (tweet this) Here’s the trick… don’t make it about you at all!  Your profile should speak to the needs of your ideal client.  This is the time that you tell them that you understand them and that you are the answer they’ve been looking for.

DOES SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING WORK?This image is a snapshot of an actual Twitter conversation I had with a perfect stranger.  When she sent her first message to me, I had never met her.  I had never even spoken to her.  All I did was follow her on Twitter.  So what made her want to contact me and say that she thinks I can help her with her business?   It was my profile and the content I posted on my Twitter feed.  The content I post is a direct reflection of my beliefs and services.  There’s a good mix of images, tips, inspirational moments, videos and advertisements of things I host, like webinars. She was able to get a well-rounded view of how I run my business and how I work with my clients.  She got all of that without ever speaking to me.  Now that’s POWERFUL!

Being successful with social media isn’t just about the numbers.  It’s about having followers that are genuinely interested in the same topics as you or have the needs that you’re products and services solve.  I don’t have thousands and thousands of followers.  What I do have is a small group of the right followers.  Focus on doing the right things and your audience and client roster will grow.

Ammie’s Assignment:  Take a look at your social media pages.  Is your profile written in a way that a prospective client can prequalify themselves?  Are you posting content that speaks to their needs and also gives them a bit of a sneak peek into your style/results?  If you need a little inspiration, check out my Twitter page: