decision making

I recently reconnected with one of my childhood friends. We were BFF’s through grade school. I had not spoken to her in 20 years so we spent some time catching up. As I told her about my life, she stopped me and said, “I’m so proud of you. You made a decision to take a different path and you made it happen. You didn’t ask for permission. You just went for it.” It was very generous of her to give me such a big compliment. I tell you this not to toot my own horn but to reflect on how she summarized my life.

So much of our life is spent asking for permission. As a child, you couldn’t make many decisions on your own. How many times did you start a sentence with “Mom can I…?” As a teenager you’re sponge for knowledge and seek acceptance among your peers. As a young adult you begin to navigate the waters of Corporate America. Somewhere along the way, you start to build a sense of confidence in your own judgments. For some it’s inherent. For others it’s a muscle than needs to be built up over time.

It’s important as a business owner that you remain steadfast in your own decision making capabilities and do not seek permission for your actions. Waiting for acknowledgement and confirmation of your decisions will undoubtedly hold you back. I do certainly recommend seeking guidance from trusted advisors and mentors but do not allow the success of your business to hinge on someone else’s acknowledgements. Being an entrepreneur in a world that doesn’t slow down for anyone is a risky business. The longer you take to make your decisions, the further and further behind you will become in your market.

You are an intelligent person with a meaningful service to provide the world. Your impact can be much greater than your realm of comprehension.

Call to Action: For most of us when we sit and plan or reflect one thing comes up over and over again. What is that thing for you? Do your research. Trust in your own abilities. Take charge of your future. Make decision making a strength.