Customer Service Training


Results start when you do. Better results won’t happen if you keep doing what you’ve always done. You’re ready for something new, and we’re here to help.


Customer Service Training


Your customers have inconsistent experiences with your brand which causes inconsistent sales and dramatically limits the development of long-term, repeat customers. 

“$62B a year is lost as a result of poor customer service.” – Forbes


Build a workforce full of brand ambassadors.  You set the brand standard and expectations for customer experiences.  Training will take the guesswork out of how to best represent the company.  We follow a three pronged approach to training.  Our trainers are with you before, during and after the actual course(s).


Each class is developed specifically for your business and/or department goals. BEFORE each training, we’ll have a 90-minute consultation call, to assess your strengths and weaknesses. No judgements, we just need to know how big the gap is between where you are right now and where you want to be.  We then build a tailored curriculum to aid in closing that gap and growing your business.

TOPICS: Service with a Smile, Telephone Service, The Impact of Body Language, Professional Appearance, Conflict Resolution, Building Customer Loyalty

Change is hard.

A follow-on program will reinforce the new knowledge and skills your team has learned, and further assist your employees with implementation. We do this, too. While it’s optional, it’s highly encouraged.  Your employees don’t need to learn a bunch of terminology.  They need to learn how to implement the learning.  Our program will provide an additional resource for your employees as they being to implement the learning and new behaviors in their departments. 

Ammie Dover

Larek Point Consulting CEO

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