Customer Service

Top 3 Things Impacting the Success of Your Restaurant

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Customer Experiences

$72B a year is lost due to poor customer service.  — Forbes

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Employee Turnover

In 2022, employee turnover cost employers over $1Trillion.

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No Real

Training Plan

Training yields a 353% ROI. It’s the best investment you’ll make in your business.

Your Commitment

Customer Experience Management begins with establishing a culture of service and then training EVERY employee on how to uphold that culture.

You need to create a team who is fully equipped and trained to create consistent and memorable experiences.

Training your team is the most important investment you can make in your success. They are after all the first and last impression a guest will have of your restaurant.

Our Commitment

Our trainers are well versed in aspects of business beyond customer service; to include efficient operations, process improvement, employee engagement, marketing and sales.

Their business knowledge and vast experiences gives our team of trainers a unique ability to provide well-rounded training, real world examples and quantifiable results.

Whether we train at our location or yours, we’re poised to help you build and sustain a culture of service.

The Old Way of Training New Employees


  • The new employee arrives day one and spends about 20 minutes with a manager until the manager gets interrupted and pulled away to take care of a more pressing matter.
  • They are then handed off to the best server on the floor at the time to learn by shadowing him/her.


  • Their second shift, the best server on the floor for that shift is assigned to help out and answer questions. They learn a new way by a new person.


  • Their third shift, if the new employee has gleaned enough to muffle through it, they’re now on their own and are expected to perform at peak performance.
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There are so many problems with this
but here are our top 3:

ONE: The employee was never taught the ‘right way’ to do things.

They were taught how a couple of people get it done but could have learned two completely different paths to the same outcome and neither is necessarily the ‘right way’ based on expectations and culture.

TWO: No one has evaluated the new employee’s perfromance. They don’t know if what they’re doing is right until they know that it’s definitely wrong.

THREE: They never get a full picture or process from start to finish. They get bits and pieces and thave to make a judgement call on how to best pull it all together.

Every person will do the best they can and is not likely to pull it together the same as the person next to them. This creates an inconsistent customer experience.

Wait staff ranks is the #5 profession with the highest turnover rates – with a whopping 41% turnover rate.

What You’ll Learn

in our Customer Service Training:

CS Level 1:

  • Creating a Culture of Service
  • The Power of Your Presence
  • Setting up the Space for Success
  • Our Three-part Greeting Formula
  • Personalizing the Experience
  • Utilizing Table Touches to Eliminate Big Surprises

CS Level 2:

  • Service Beyond Expectations
  • Work to Resolution – Product & Policy Knowledge
  • Creating Opportunities for Guest Experiences
  • Proactive Communication Between Kitchen & Customer

CS Level 3:

  • Giving Guests a Reason to Return
  • Developing a System for Problem Solving
    (Before there’s a problem)
  • Dealing with Difficult Customers
  • Creating a Consistent Customer Experience

Who Should Attend:

Train Every Front of the House Team Member:

  •  Servers
  • Host/Hostess
  • Front of the House Managers
  • Future Managers / Managers in Training


Indirect Impact:

Other servers, kitchen staff and even the cleaning crew:

The behavior shifts and the impact that trained employees have on the customer experience, return customers, increased revenue and increased tips will be seen and felt.

The culture will spread naturally.


We host customer service training each month.
Customer Service for Restaurants Level 1 is a great place to start. That class is offered every second Monday of the month.

train the team

The best way to ensure that you create a culture of service and consistent customer experiences is to train your whole team. Make sending 3-5 people to training each month part of your success plan.

best value

We want to reward you for being dedicated to your employees.
We offer a 20% discount if you’re sending 5+ employees to training each month.

Use Code: CSR5

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Send Your Team to All 3 Levels

Train Your Team to be Serve Experts

Latest Past Events

Training yields a 353% ROI


Investing in your employees is the best investment you’ll make in the stability and growth of your restaurant.


Private Training

If you’d like to tailor our curriculum to speak directly to your brand, culture, customers, needs, goals, etc., please reach out. 

We’d be happy to create a training specifically for you and your employees.  

Minimum 8 attendees

We require at least eight attendees in order to reserve a private class.

We have a maximum capacity of 25 attendees to ensure that the trainers have the bandwidth to interact with each attendee.

best value

We want to reward you for being dedicated to your employees.
After you reach the minimum attendee count, you’ll receive a sizeable discount for each additional attendee. 

This is the most affordable option for restaurant groups or owners of multiple franchises.

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We spend the time to get to know your brand, your needs and your goals. 

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Training at Our Location

We set up a date and time for your team to go to a workshop or series of workshops.

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Training at Your Location

We send a trainer to your location; an atmosphere that re-enforces the learning. 

Our Curriculum is Tailored to YOUR Needs

Examples and Exercises That are 100% Applicable