How can you expect people to recognize you as a leader in your industry if you haven’t put out great content that tells them so?  Content is King.   Build it.  Share it.  Tweet it.  Post it.

So what are your talking about and where are you putting it?  Content comes in the form of spoken knowledge and writing.content is king

Spoken Knowledge:  You must get in front of as many of your ideal clients as possible and share your domain knowledge. Research where you target market gathers and then volunteer to be the guest speaker at their next event.  Notice that I said volunteer?  You likely aren’t to get paid to speak in the beginning.  Your payment is the fact that they have gathered your ideal clients for you.

Written Knowledge:  Say hello to my little blog. If you’re reading this you know how important a blog is to a business.  So why aren’t you blogging yet?

Then… Once you’ve created the content for your blog, recycle that content on all of your social media sites.  Not everyone has time to read your blog articles so it important to give them some content condensed into bite-sized morsels.

Remember that it’s your job to make your knowledge available to your audience in a manner in which they can best receive it. That means you must be where they are!

Ammie’s Assignment:  Ask yourself, or better yet, your audience what they most what to learn about regarding your profession.  Take the top few topics and start telling a story around those topics.