“The only thing worse than training employees and losing them is to not train them and keep them.”
— Zig Ziglar

Are you curious about what a business strategist can do for you?

What type of person will not work well with us?

Those who are not willing to step outside their comfort zone.  Growth happens when you put the work in and realize that in order to experience substantial advancements, there’s no such thing as a comfort zone!  We don’t accept excuses, whining or procrastination.  We move quickly, for the sole intent of growing your business.  We can’t do it alone.  We become an extension of your executive team.  The operative word is team. We require our clients to actively participate in the growth of their business.

Who are our clients?

Small business owners who lack structure surrounding how they’re currently running their business.  Those who are ready to stop ‘winging it’ and start focusing on activities for substantial growth.  Our clients come to us for help with creating repeatable processes, creating their brand and messaging, creating a comprehensive marketing effort, and developing a strategy for generating sales.

How are we different?

We focus on how you’re running the day-to-day operations of the business.  We work on defining the business, the brand and building structure for sales.  We help to identify the revenue generating activities and devise strategies to maximize efforts and resources.  We are NOT coaches.  We are implementers!

What type of companies do we work with best?

We love companies on the cusp of breaking the glass ceiling.  Our most successful clients are experiencing growing pains with limited systems for replication and automation.  We thrive on open minded, motivated clients with a true giving spirit.  Clients should be prepared to implement change immediately.  In short, we expect that clients be willing to do anything to grow their business.

Ammie Dover is an exceptionally talented strategic thinker. She was instrumental in helping me understand the importance and how-to of thinking strategically as it pertains to long-term growth.
Misti Burmeister

Founder, Inspirion LLC

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Are your activites scalable for growth?

As a small business owner, you have a small team who often wears multiple, simultaneous hats. You’re an expert at your craft, the director of marketing, the web developer, the bookkeeper and the master scheduler. It’s a lot to juggle and yet somehow you still have to find time to network for branding and perform outreach for business development.  Are you bogged down in running the business and can’t seem to find time to grow the business?

Are you ready for some help?

You are not alone and do not have to be an expert at everything in order to be successful. You simply have to know how to maximize your  team’s time and utilize the correct resources for your needs. Let’s build the processes and systems that are scalable and can be appropriate delegated.


We train at our facility and at yours

Training courses are primarily geared toward developing organizational structure and strategies for generating sales.  There are several components that impact the success of every business.  Classes focus on branding (developing a consistent brand that attracts ideal clients), Marketing and SALES, and customer service.  Today’s business climate seems to change much quicker these days.  Courses are designed to keep you, your employees and your business current and relevant.

Do you need a dynamic trainer to educate and motivate your team?

We offer several classes throughout the year at our facility as well as customized training for companies large and small.  Feel free to register for an existing class listed on the training page or reach out to us to tailor a class specifically for you and your team’s needs.

Ammie is a true professional and has inspired me to take some small but very significant changes to my business. These changes have freed up time previously spent on administrative tasks and allowed me to focus on income-producing tasks.

Debra Schmidt

Director, Arbonne

Larek Point Founder Ammie Dover is the real deal.  She quickly found the bottle-necks in our success path and provided a simple, actionable plan that provided an immediate and continuing return.  She has occasionally sent suggestions over outside of our strategy sessions proving that she is not just another consultant but a partner in my success.  

Andrew Reilley

CEO, United WebWorks