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Culture shock is the feeling of disorientation that arises when a person is immersed in a society with very different ways of interpreting reality and acting on those assumptions. When people ask, “How do I change my company’s culture?” we don’t offer simplistic solutions, but there is one concept that stands out among the others. 

What kind of culture is preferential for a business? How does your workplace see the world and what assumptions do you all agree on about that world, and are those assumptions good or bad?

And if there are some culturally formed bad habits in your company, how do you change?

We’d like to offer the idea that there are a few things that successful corporate cultures always have, and one of those characteristics is this:

Change my company’s culture with Customer Service 

First off, these organizations see everyone as a customer, both inside and outside the walls of the business. Your boss, every team member, every vendor, supplier and of course actual paying customers! If we extend our desire to treat our paying customers with respect and service to every member of our workplace society, your business will function smoother.

Secondly, to get to a climate of service, there must be alignment to the same mission, vision and values, and each must be grounded in service. Without this, there is no hope of changing anything about your company’s culture. If your focus is not on serving customers, forget about a thriving, high-reputation, in-demand company.

Culture is not predetermined, cast in stone, or rigid. Every social culture on the planet is learned. A child born in China does not arrive with presets for speaking Chinese or any other language. Give new employees the mission and vision of the company, but also model to them the right values — a heart of service.

These are all reasons why Larek Point Consulting offers Customer Service Training that is tailored to your unique culture. We think it’s essential to the health and profitability of every business, no matter how big or small. Talk to us about culture change in your company.


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