CELEBRATE THE SMALL STUFFHow do you maintain your sanity and still keep focus on the big goals?  You do that by celebrating the small stuff.  The big goals, while necessary, can sometimes be overwhelming.  It’s important to congratulate yourself and your team on the small victories.   Here’s why:

  •  It helps to maintain morale.
  • People like to feel appreciated for their efforts.
  • People are more motivated when they feel appreciated.
  • People (customers) are more attracted to happy/positive people.

This may sound a bit silly if you are the only person working in your company right now but every item listed above can be implemented for a one-person company.  Even you need a pick-me-up from time to time.

I recommend that when setting goals, you break them down into manageable chunks that you can more quickly and easily accomplish.  Then, you will always be in the process of checking things off the list.  A completed checklist is always a mood booster.  Don’t make them so easy that you spend all day patting yourself on the back, but do take the time to recognize the hard work you are putting into your business every day.

I start and end every day with an acknowledgement of gratitude.  It helps me to remain focused on the good that surrounds me every day.  You can use this same concept for your accomplishments. Entrepreneurs sometimes get so focused on the big picture and forget to acknowledge the small victories along the way.  Remember that the big dream is built on a series of small steps.

Ammie’s Assignment:  Set aside the last 10 minutes of your work week to review all of the items you checked off the “To Do” list during the week.  Give yourself a few words of encouragement or write a list of emotions that these accomplishments made you feel.  It’s hard to feel overwhelmed when you’re full of gratitude. Sometimes it helps to celebrate with an office party!