Strategic Consulting

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory.” –Sun Tzu

What You Really Want is RESULTS

Here are a few of the results our clients have experienced:


  • Increased sales by 30% in six months
  • $70,000 increase in revenue in four months
  • Identified additional $100,000 in revenue utilizing existing products
  • Empowered employees with clearly defined and measurable roles
  • Went from receiving poor customer service complaints almost weekly to not receiving one complaint in a year



Plan TODAY.  Implement TOMORROW.

Our team specializes in developing custom growth strategies.  First, we assess the operational functionality and profitability of your business.  Then, we devise a plan to fill in the gaps between where you are now and where you want to be.  This isn’t some illusive, intangible, feel good concept.  Working with us means that you’re going to make immediate changes in your operations.

Gain a Partner Without the Revenue Share

We are your partners in success.  We don’t just give you a list of what’s wrong and wish you the best.  We actually work with you and your key decision makers with the implementation process.  Think of our team as the project manager for your growth project.  We build consulting packages specific to your needs that include the complexity of the projects and the time required to complete them.

Areas of Specialty:

Process Improvement:

We ensure all activities yield mazimum return on investment.  That means we focus on streamlining functions, systemitize activities and automate areas that are repeatable.

Customer Experience:

We know that the absolute best way to build a business is to ensure that the customer experience is leaps and bounds above the competition.  Our systems and teachings create brand ambassadors throughout the company.

Marketing Strategy:

There is often a disconnect between the growth goals and the marketing messaging.  We create a cohesive voice and position your brand in front of your ideal clients.

Larek Point Consulting has helped Sago and me as an owner grow leaps and bounds throughout the years.  From business planning, budgeting, and working with employees they have helped me create a company and service to be proud of.  Ammie cuts to the chase and genuinely wants to see you succeed.

Stacie Jaynes

Owner, Sago Property Management

This mastermind group has been such a great experience! Writing down and tracking goals has really helped me stay organized.

Gina Donovan

Global Account Manager, Experient

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Ammie is a true professional and has inspired me to take some small but very significant changes to my business. These changes have freed up time previously spent on administrative tasks and allowed me to focus on income-producing tasks.

Debra Schmidt

Director, Arbonne

Larek Point Founder Ammie Dover is the real deal.  She quickly found the bottle-necks in our success path and provided a simple, actionable plan that provided an immediate and continuing return.  She has occasionally sent suggestions over outside of our strategy sessions proving that she is not just another consultant but a partner in my success.  

Andrew Reilley

CEO, United WebWorks