BURIED IN BUSYWORKDo you suffer from the “no one can do it right but me” syndrome?  Boy, have we all been there.I’ll let you in on a little secret… I’m a control freak.  As business owners we feel that because we are responsible for everything, we have to do everything.

I’m going to make a bold move today and ask you to stop it.  Really – stop it!  Stop burying yourself in busywork.

Yes, you are responsible for every aspect of your business, but that doesn’t mean that it is your responsibility to complete every single task.  It’s important for your sanity and your bottom line that you hire some part time administrative help. When I work with clients and I tell them it’s cheaper to hire an assistant than to do it yourself, I get a moment of silence while they sit in disbelief.

Let’s do some simple math.  Here are a few weekly tasks and the amount of time it may take a business owner to complete the task:

Newsletter creation/scheduling:   1 hour
Social media scheduling:  2 hours
Website/blog updates:  1 hour
Scheduling meetings: 1 hour

Those simple tasks can consume five (5) hours of your time each week.  If you make $60 per hour, that means it cost you $300 to complete those tasks. Now, what if you hired a part-time virtual assistant to complete those tasks and you paid him/her $20 per hour. For those same five (5) hours, you have now reduced the cost to $100 to complete those tasks.

Here’s the best part… not only have you saved $200 but you have gained eight (8) hours back in your week.  What revenue generating activities can you perform in those eight hours?  Could you network more?  Could you build your next program?  Could you enhance your current programs so that you could increase your rates?  Could you get booked to do more presentations?   I’d be willing to bet that the answer is yes.  Yes, you could actually increase your revenue if you had an additional eight (8) hours per week.

Ammie’s Assignment:  Make a list of all non-revenue generating activities you perform each week.  Then, list the time it takes you to complete each of those tasks.  Do the math calculations above and see how much money you could be saving and how much time you could be gaining.  THEN, make a list of all the ways that you can fill what will become your free time and how those activities can enhance your business.