I was recently on a call with someone who was overwhelmed by creating the perfect message.  She spent a week stressing over it!

over every word.  She was building her message from the top down.  She had the perfect title and then needed to construct a story around the title.  This method may work for some but for most, it simply prolongs the creative writing process.BLOG ARTICLES

Whether you are building a presentation to be delivered on stage or writing a blog post, I always recommend building your message from the bottom up.  Settle in on a topic.  Notice that I said topic, not title.  Once you have your topic, ask yourself a few questions… What are the one to three biggest problems people struggle with surrounding this topic?  Why do they struggle? How can you help them with these problems?

The greatest way to add value to your customers’ lives is to be a problem solver. People buy solutions not fancy words or statistics. Once you figure out the pain points your customers are facing, you can become the best authority on how to solve them bu building your blog articles around solutions you offer.

Breaking down your message using this format works for all kinds of presentation mediums.  I always start with a topic and then move on to the problems and solutions surrounding that topic.  Only then do I name it.   By following this method, you’ll notice that you don’t spend as much time rearranging stories and tips.  The structure is built in when you know that you’re solving a couple of very specific problems.

Call to Action:  Give it a try and let me know how it goes.  Leave me a comment below. I always love hearing how people make positive changes in their business and their lives!