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Top 3 Reasons Non-Profits Struggle

​I’ve had the pleasure of working with countless non-profit organizations.  Some run like well oiled machines but sadly most struggle.  This is heart breaking because if you have ever talked with a founder of a non-profit, they are amazing human beings who have...

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Leadership Phase 3: Evaluate

By integrating a three-part success cycle you set your team, your department and your company up for infinite possibilities.  Evaluation is the third step in the cycle. These three phases of leadership are a cycle because if you are doing it right, your employees are...

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Leadership Phase 2: Empower

Leaderships is not a one-time action.  Effective leadership is a cycle of service and support.  We’ve identified three phases that every leader navigates their employees through.  These phases are independent of any particular individual style of leadership.  Phase...

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Leadership Phase 1: Educate

While there are many styles and attributes of leadership, there are three phases that every effective leader leads their employees through.  Read the full breakdown and flow of the 3 Phases of Leadership here.  Today, we’re going to talk about phase one, why it’s...

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3 Phases of Leadership

Leadership comes in all shapes and sizes.  If you asked 100 people what makes an effective leader, you’ll likely to get at least 50 different answers.  There are many attributes that make a leader effective.  However, there are three things all effective leaders...

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Ever wish you could be in two places at one time? We’ve all felt the stress of having too much to do all at once. While we can’t help you clone yourself, we can provide some ideas on how to make the time you do have go further. Give your productivity a boost with...

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