blog about itWhy should you blog about it and what should you say? So many experts don’t blog because they fear that no one will want to hear information about their topic. I had a bookkeeper once ask me, why would anyone want to read about bookkeeping.   The answer is simple, yet complex. The trick is to remember that you blog is not for everyone.  The majority of people have no interest in bookkeeping.  However, your blog is for your target audience, those who care about what you do and would love to know what you know… ahem… for free.So what do you put into a blog?  The easiest way to create content for a blog is to ask yourself… What are the biggest problems my target audience faces?  Write your blog about how you and your services solve those problems.   You are an expert whose goal it is to add value to your target audience.  The value you add in this case is that you are a solution provider.  You have helpful information and quick tips that will enrich their lives.

Here are a few quick tips/facts about blogging:

1.  Studies have shown that blogs containing approximately 1,200 words are shared more often than shorter blogs.  Mine are usually shorter than that.  However, I pay attention to my analytics and feedback.  As long as I am receiving positive numbers, I will continue to write in style that I’m comfortable with.  Remember that I’m presenting general information to you.  Be sure to experiment with length of articles to see what works best for you and your audience.

2. Don’t forget to tell a story.  Don’t just bore people with facts. (tweet this)  Present your information in a way that will resonate with the reader and their current issues.

3. When appropriate, add an image to your blog articles.  People are visual and tend to retain information more easily when presented with a graphical representation of the content.

4. Share your blog on social media.  People are more likely to share content that they find on social media than content that they happen to stumble across by doing a keyword search on Google.

Ammie’s Assignment: Make a list of 10 topics you can blog about and start writing a story about how a solution to those topics.  Let me know how it goes.