Your marketing materials say a lot about your connection with your customers.  Are you talking to them in a way that evokes an emotional connection with your brand or are you simply pushing products?  We are all in business and need to sell products but there is a better way to make a sale than constantly trying to make the hard sell.  So many small business owners get so consumed with the fact that they need to sell products that they don’t actually talk to the buyer – they talk AT them. And what they are saying isn’t necessarily what’s going to make the sale.

I was recently in a strategy session with a client who happens to be a personal chef.  We talked about food all day.  I think I gained five pounds just in that conversation.  As I write this, I’m having flashbacks of all her yummy recipes.

We talked about how to get her target audience involved and ready to buy.  I’ll share a mental picture I painted for her.  Which do you think would make more sales?
TALKING TO YOUR CUSTOMERSScenario 1:  Buy 10 meals at $XX each – 10% discount  – Sale Ends Sunday

Scenario 2: A picture of a hot, healthy meal and a message that says Dinner’s Ready!

Did you notice how scenario number two made no mention of the package size or price, yet it evoked an emotional response by providing a visual solution?  Remember that she is not only a personal chef who makes amazing meals, she is a solution provider.  She provides dinner for those who are too busy to prepare it themselves.  She takes the stress out of the age old question of ‘What’s for dinner?’.

Ammie’s Assignment: Give this new method of talking to your customers a try.  If you’re not sure what your customers want to hear, ask them!