5 Ts of Giving

Technology has made fundraising easier in some ways and harder in others. People and businesses have a lot of things competing for their time, attention and money. You have to find a way to consistently cut through the noise and show value for partnering with your non-profit organization.

To stand out among the competition and attract more support, non-profits need to employ effective strategies that leverage the power of the 5 Ts of Giving: Time, Talent, Treasure, Tithes and Testimony. 

Let’s explore how you can utilize these five pillars to significantly boost your fundraising efforts and fund all of your programs.

1. Time: Creating Your Volunteer Impact Army

Let’s face it, you couldn’t do it without your volunteer impact army.  They help you foster a strong sense of community. To attract and engage volunteers, here are a few things to consider:

  • Clearly communicate the organization’s mission and the positive impact volunteers can make.
  • Provide meaningful and fulfilling volunteer opportunities that align with individuals’ skills and passions.
  • Cultivate relationships with volunteers by recognizing their contributions, offering continuous support, and providing opportunities for personal growth and development.

 Increasing your impact army means that you may be able to expand your programs.

2. Talent: Showcasing Expertise for Credibility

Leveraging the talent of your volunteers can not only enhance the organization’s credibility but also attract potential donors and attendees to your events. 

By utilizing the unique skills of volunteers, non-profits can create memorable and engaging experiences that inspire donors and leave a lasting impression. Here are some effective strategies to encourage talent donation:

  • Identify individuals with specific skills that align with fundraising needs. For example, a renowned singer can donate their talent by performing at a gala or fundraising event.
  • Engage with the local community, professional networks, and industry associations to find individuals who are willing to contribute their skills and expertise.
  • Provide clear opportunities for individuals to donate their talents, such as designing marketing materials, providing professional services, or organizing workshops and training sessions.

By leveraging the talents of individuals who believe in their cause, non-profits can create unique experiences that captivate donors and enhance fundraising success.


3. Treasure: Creating Compelling Donation Campaigns

Financial contributions are a crucial component of non-profit fundraising. To encourage donations, non-profits must develop compelling campaigns that evoke emotions and inspire action. Here are some effective strategies to consider:

  • Develop a clear and compelling donation appeal that highlights the impact of donations on the cause.
  • Utilize storytelling techniques to create a personal connection between donors and the beneficiaries of their contributions.
  • Offer various giving options, such as one-time donations, recurring contributions, or specific project funding, to cater to different donor preferences.

By demonstrating transparency, accountability, and the value of every contribution, non-profits can instill trust in potential donors and motivate them to support their cause.

4. Tithes: Encouraging Regular Giving

Tithing, the act of giving a portion of one’s income for charitable purposes, holds significant importance for many individuals. Non-profits can tap into this practice to increase their fundraising efforts. To encourage regular giving and tithing, non-profits should consider the following strategies:

  • Educate potential donors about the impact of regular contributions and the transformative power of consistent support.
  • Implement convenient and secure online donation systems that allow individuals to set up recurring donations easily.
  • Show appreciation and recognition for regular donors, highlighting the collective difference they are making.

By emphasizing the importance of regular giving and providing easy avenues for individuals to contribute consistently, non-profits can establish a reliable source of funding and create long-term sustainability.

5. Testimony: Ampying 

The power of testimony should not be underestimated. Testimonials have the incredible ability to connect donors on a deeper level with the cause and inspire them to take action. By leveraging the impact of personal stories and experiences, non-profits can amplify their reach, engage supporters, and significantly boost their fundraising efforts.

Testimonials help you to build trust. There is an inherent trust factor built in when someone else sings your praises as opposed to you trying to convince the community.


Need More?

We’re just beginning to scratch the surface on how to effectively develop systems for increasing funding. If you’d like to learn more about how to train your team to communicate your message and increase engagement and funding but aren’t sure where to start. Here’s a little help getting started. Download our Giving  Plan Templates.

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While there may be many reasons why people may not donate to your non-profit organization, addressing the issues of trust, communication, and awareness can significantly increase your fundraising success. By implementing the practical solutions outlined here and coupling them with our Giving Plan, you can build stronger relationships with your donors, inspire confidence in your organization, and raise awareness of your cause, ultimately enabling you to make a greater impact in the world.

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