When creating marketing materials for your business, what’s most important to share with your target audience? Is it What? Where? or Why? Let’s explore each of them.


It’s incredibly important to tell the customer exactly what they’re getting. “What” should certainly be included in your marketing materials. However, it should not be the primary focus of all of the information you are sharing with your target audience.

Yup, I just busted the bubble of a few folks who created an entire presence around what their product is. Sorry. Keep reading, I’ll tell you how to fix it.

WHERE: Where customers can find your products is also important. There are certainly times when location is a determining factor in one’s purchasing decision. “Where” is usually more important if the customer has already made a decision to buy and all locations were comparable in price. Therefore, the most convenient location would win that customer. “Where” is likely to be the least determining factor if there are multiple places to get your product or service in your area.

WHY: Before I tell you why, I’d like to clarify the “Why.” It is not about why you are great or why your product or service rocks. If you’re reading this, you’re a pretty cool person and with that comes the assumption that your products and services rock!

When I say “Why,” I mean why would the consumer want to buy the product. How will it make them feel? What problem will it solve in their lives? Why is this the solution they’ve been looking for?

When you paint a picture of how your brand/product/service etc. will touch the life of your customer, then they will begin to form an emotional connection with you. People buy from those that they know, like and trust. By connecting with your audience (potential customers) you begin to develop the “know-and-like” relationship. (tweet this) People like solution providers. Earning their trust comes later. Trust is formed when you deliver quality products that actually deliver on the claims you make.

Ammie’s Assignment: Review your marketing copy. Are you presenting your brand/product/service as a solution to your target market’s needs? If not, spend some time revising your content so that it’s customer-centric.