There are so many options when it comes to social media.  I accidently stumbled upon a new tool just yesterday.  It’s almost a full time job staying current with technology.  Most people don’t have time to get a Ph.D. in social media.

It doesn’t have to be that overwhelming.  You don’t have to spend hours a day posting, tweeting, commenting and instagramming.  Yes, I just used the word instagramming as a verb.   Here are three (3) keys to doing social media the right way:

  1. Add value to your audience.  Don’t just spam them with coupons and sales or updates about you.  Remember that your business is not all about you.
  2. Be consistent.  The whole point of social media is to remain in the forefront of your ideal customer’s mind.
  3. Schedule it in advance.  Create social media as if it were an appointment.  Just the same as you don’t show up at the doctor’s office without making an appointment, you shouldn’t just show up with social media.  Spontaneity is good but don’t rely on it.

Call to Action:  Create a theme for next week.  Then write a blog about it and three (3) social media posts.  Then use a scheduling tool like hootsuite to schedule everything in advance.  If you do this once a week or once a month, you’ll always be in front of your customers without having to physically be present at that moment.