STRATEGIC PLANNINGI would sing the 12 days of Christmas (ahem… Strategic Planning) but trust me no one wants to hear me sing. So instead, I’ll share with you the top 12 things every business should be planning in order to set themselves up for success in the new year.

12. Plan to Get to Know Your Ideal Client – Get to know what their needs are and then tailor everything you do to satisfying that need.

11. Plan to Understand Your Place in the Market – Know how you fit and how you’re different. (tweet this)

10. Plan to Accept a Role of Service – When you speak to your services and results rather than trying to explain processes, closing sales doesn’t feel so salesy.

9. Plan to Lead Your Team – Educate and then Empower your team. (tweet this)

8. Plan Your Marketing – Analyze where you got the most ROI last year and plan for maximum exposure next year.

7. Plan Your Social Media – Yes, you have to be active on social media! Schedule time to understand it and utilize it. If it still doesn’t click, see #4.

6. Plan for Networking – Get it on your calendar. Block the time and show up! (tweet this)

5. Plan Your Sales Forecasts – Know how many sales of each product or service you need to make in order to reach your goals.

4. Plan for Expenditures – Understand what it costs to keep your business running so that you can incorporate that into your sales forecast.

3. Plan to Say NO – Say NO to everything that does not support your mission. (tweet this)

2. Plan to Say YES – Say YES to EVERY invitation. (tweet this) Revisit #6.

1. Plan to Make Yourself a Priority – You can’t give the best of you if you are not at your best. (tweet this)

Ammie’s Assigment: Success rarely happens by accident. It takes well developed plans and deliberate actions. My assignment to you is to block time in your calendar to create your Plan for Success! Let’s all start the new year with a strategy for NEXT LEVEL.