1 Day Corporate Training

What can happen in 1 day?

There’s one more thing that can happen in ONE DAY:

A custom-made plan for transforming your business into a profitable, joyful place.

In one day, Larek Point Consulting (LPC) can put you on track to eliminate what has your company stuck in neutral. LPC is serious about helping businesses overcome all the tasks, strategies and plans that your staff finds difficult to compete. With LPC’s one-day custom consultative services, we provide you with a seasoned business consultant who can deliver an actionable plan that narrows in on the unique needs of your business. But that’s not all. We provide follow-up and post-training implementation to make sure that your staff can navigate the road map we provide.

Why one-day corporate training works:

Quite a bit of consultation is done in advance of training which helps us learn your unique business goals, pain points and determine what best practice solutions we’ll bring to the table for you.

Your return on investment is high! Once barriers to growth are diagnosed, your training package will be ready to go. Are you ready for a fresh perspective on leadership, customer service, sales or another specific need? It has been our experience that our clients’ increased profitability more than pays for their consultative corporate training, and it keeps on delivering into the future. Your access to solutions doesn’t disappear after your training day. Larek Point will establish a long-term relationship with your business  — including post-training calls on how to apply what you know to real life. We even record our follow-up phone calls, available on our website with password protection, so your team can review them as many times as needed. No interruptions. Your training sessions can be done at your site or at our Savannah office — always on your schedule. That way, we can clear the calendar to get the most focused benefits possible. There’s no fluff involved. We’re not selling books or software. We get down to business answering the tough questions with actionable pathways to overcome anything standing between your company and the success you’ve dreamed about.

Why Larek Point Consulting:

Larek Point’s founder and CEO, Ammie Dover, is eminently qualified to bring cutting edge tactics to your business, big or small.

Ammie is a sought after speaker whose training seminar has been accredited with the HR Certification Institute. She served in several high-profile leadership roles in complex project management and marketing with Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), a contractor for the U.S. Department of Defense. You might be just ONE DAY away from breakthroughs in your organization’s structure that will make commerce fun again!

Don’t miss out on this 1 day Corporate training!