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Your team wants to learn, but are you getting in the way?

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You want more productive employees, more satisfied customers and increased revenue RIGHT NOW. Training classes are packed full of ideas you can use immediately.

We don’t just teach.  Workshops are interactive and engaging because most people learn by doing.   We build scenarios based on your industry and your goals.

Delayed Action means Delayed Results

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Training Classes

Sales are inconsistent and turnover is high.
A roadmap of activities and scheduled systems for consistent sales. No more chasing the numbers or unwilling customers.
Problem Solving, Communicating Solutions, Strategic Growth, Automation, Embracing Technology, Closing Conversation
Most people lead with an approach that works best for them, not for the individual being led.
We’re building leaders who are agile in their approach but firmly rooted in their mission.
Leading by Example, Leadership Styles, Positive Communication, Consistency Creates Loyalty, Employee Development, Conflict Resolution
Customer Service
Every employee joined the team with varying levels of experience and expertise. They do the best they can with what they have.
You set the standard for expectations. Training will take the guess work out of how to best represent the company.
Service with a Smile, Telephone Service, The Impact of Body Language, Professional Appearance, Conflict Resolution, Building Customer Loyalty

Training Built for You

Each training class is developed specifically for your business and/or department goals.  Before each training class, we hold a consultation call.  It’s a 90 minute call with one of our team members and we assess your strengths and weakness.  No judgements, we just need to know how big the gap is between where you are right now and where you want to be.  While our curriculum is standard, in an effort to achieve maximum results we will ensure that our trainer spends more time on the areas identified during the consultation call.

Locations:  Training classes can be held at our facility or yours.  We’re located in Savannah, GA.


We believe in transparency!  We deliver the same high value content and learning experience regardless of who and where we are training.Prices are standard based on the number of attendees and duration of the training class.  Prices do not vary by geographical region or size of company.

# of Attendees 1/2 Day Class 1 Day Class 2 Day Class
Up to 6 $3,500 $5,000 $7,500
Up to 12 $4,500 $6,000 $9,000
Up to 18 $5,500 $7,000 $10,500


Group Coaching Call Packages:

While our training courses are packed full of information and exercises that will aid in immediate implementation, we realize that change does not come easy.  It is our mission to ensure that your team is fully equipped to successfully fulfill their roles and responsibilities.

We’ve built follow-on programs that will re-enforce the learning and further assist your employees with implementation.  Any of the group coaching call packages may be added on to any of our corporate training classes.

Group Coaching Calls Format:  One session each week.  Duration: One hour
Content: Review topics covered in training and participants talk through implementation scenarios they are currently experiencing.  Together, we move your employees through the transition using their real-life ideas, problems and opportunities.

Choose the right level of group coaching for your team:

Group Coaching Calls Investment
One (1) Month Group Coaching Calls $1,250
Three (3) Month Group Coaching Calls $3,200
Six (6) Month Group Coaching Calls $5,500


Set Up Your Training

Contact us today and let us know which class you’re interested in and how many students you have.

We look forward to building training for your team.

Larek Point Consulting has helped Sago and me as an owner grow leaps and bounds throughout the years.  From business planning, budgeting, and working with employees they have helped me create a company and service to be proud of.  Ammie cuts to the chase and genuinely wants to see you succeed.

Stacie Jaynes

Owner, Sago Property Management

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