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Serve More Mastermind

Serve More is our signature program, offered digitally.

The ONLY program that includes strategic planning for leadership, quarterly tracking and employee training. We’re with you, guiding, training and tracking all year long.

Our program is built for the ENTIRE TEAM!

We have tracks specifically for emerging businesses and tracks for non-profits.

Who We Serve

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Three Ways to Work with Us

Finally, the support you’ve needed for your entire team!

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Strategic Consulting

Developing a detailed roadmap for success creates an opportunity to unify your team and prepare them systematic growth. Our mission is to ensure your activities, employees and resources align with achieving your vision.

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Serve More Mastermind

Imagine that you as a business owner or founder of a non-profit have the support you need to make better informed decisions and your leadership team and employees get the consistent training they need.

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Our workshops are designed to help emerging businesses and non-profits learn how to structure for systematic growth and begin laying the groundwork for the change. We host virtual and in-person workshops.

HI!  I’m Ammie.

I’ve been helping businesses and non-profits create systematic growth for over 20 years.

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I started my career in the United States Air Force where I learn core values like: Excellence in All You Do, Integrity First and Service Before Self. After I separated from the Air Force, I joined a Department of Defense contracting company and quickly grew through the ranks of working on design, training and ultimately Program Management of multi-million dollar efforts both Nationally and Internationally.

I took that knowledge and later started Larek Point as a consulting firm to help small businesses implement big business strategies incrementally in a way that made sense for the individual business.  As I became more engaged with the community and local non-profit organizations, I quickly learned that non-profits were unnecessarily struggling so I expanded Larek Point to teach non-profits how to learn to run their organization like a business.

My efforts in the community have been recognized with a Business Woman of the Year nomination with the Metropolitan Savannah Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

My career has afforded me incredible opportunities like leading the Small Business Chamber in Savannah, Georgia. The board and I completely rebranded the organization, doubled it’s membership and partnered with the City of Savannah to host the city’s first Big Business Symposium. We were able to impact the way small businesses and new non-profit organizations were positioning themselves for growth.  It is one of my favorite business experiences.

One of the all-time coolest experiences of my career was sharing the stage to teach marketing with the likes of Google, Forbes, SalesForce and Starbucks. 

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Business Track

We’re helping businesses create strategic plans and ACTIONS for growth.

You were never meant to do it alone.

The one thing I wish business owners understood…

Solo = Slow

Every person in a business needs support – especially the business owner.

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$70K More Revenue

Increased revenue within four months of starting consulting engagement

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$100K Additional Products

Revenue value realized by developing varying price points of products

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100% Employee Engagement

Employee efficiencies increase with clearly defined, measurable and value-driven roles

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our best clients

Our clients know they need to do something different but they aren’t quite sure which direction to turn.  Our clients usually fit into one of two categories:

Experiencing Growing Pains: You are growing but you’ve reached maximum capacity for what you and your small team can physically accomplish in a day and you are experiencing overwhelm.

Have Reached a Plateau: You’ve built a stable organization but things seem a bit stagnant and you don’t have a clear path to actual growth. You know that you need to look at current processes and ensure efficiencies before making a move. 


Non-Profit Track

We’re helping non-profits begin to structure their organizations like a business so that they can ultimately increase their community impact.

#1 Reason Non-Profits Struggle

They never learn to run the organization like a business.

Let TODAY be the day that you stop the struggle, regain your life and serve more.

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Increase Fundraising by $100K+

Develop partnership opportunities, ambassadors, sponsorship decks that companies are eager to say yes to and create opportunities for ongoing giving.
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Develop Teams

Set clear roles, responsibilities for employees AND volunteers. Volunteers become engaged when they understand how their skills can make a difference.
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Create an Annual Strategy

You cannot expect to grow by chance or by luck. We develop an annual strategy with every organization. Set goals, milestones, assignments and evaluation criteria.

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why non-profits should invest

Non-profits who are passionate about making a difference and are ready to learn how to build an organization that is positioned to become a consistent presence and partner in the community.

Participants usually fit into one of three categories:

Struggling to Get Started: You started your non-profit because you saw a need and want to help people. You’ve taken a big step but you’re getting frustrated by the lack of traction. You’re doing almost everything yourself.

Your Small Team is Experiencing Burnout: You’ve probably been operating for a few years and while you have some incredibly passionate and loyal team members, you’re all overworked and seem to be spinning your wheels. It takes every ounce of energy and time just to maintain what you have. 

You’re Experiencing Growing Pains: You’re growing at a rapid pace but and you know that in order to have long-term, sustainable success you need to invest the time to build better structure for your organization.


Some things you can expect to experience

A partner in your success.

Clarity in roles and responsibilities.

A clear path to success.

Accountability for goals and ACTION.

A shift in the way your organization is structured.

A better way of doing business!

Why Choose Larek Point

Our programs are built with the success of your entire team in mind.

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