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A Strategic Future

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Strategic Consulting

Developing a detailed roadmap for success creates an opportunity to unify your team and prepare them systematic growth. Our mission is to ensure your activities, employees and resources align with achieving your vision.

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Operations Support

You need help but the workload isn’t quite enough to hire someone full-time.  Whether you need help managing a surge effort or ongoing operations support, let our team become your power team.

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Employee Training

 Investing in your employees is one of the best investments you can make in your business.  Our training programs are designed to ensure your employees become brand ambassadors who build other brand ambassadors.    

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Is This Right for You?

Our clients know they need to do something different but they aren’t quite sure which direction to turn.  Our clients usually fit into one of two categories:

Experiencing Growing Pains: You are growing but you’ve reached maximum capacity for what you and your small team can physically accomplish in a day and you are experiencing overwhelm.

Have Reached a Plateau: You’ve built a stable business but things seem a bit stagnant and you don’t have a clear path to actual growth. You know that you need to look at current processes and ensure efficiecies before making a move. 


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$70K More Revenue

Increased revenue within four months of starting consulting engagement

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$100K Additional Products

Revenue value realized by developing varying price points of products

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100% Employee Engagement

Employee efficiencies increase with clearly defined, measurable and value-driven roles

3 Success Factors

Working with a consulting firm can be a bit of a leap of faith. We get it.

We want you to feel comfortable and confident as you enter into a consulting engagement with Larek Point. That’s why we’ve detailed the top 3 success factors you need to know when working with a consultant.

Whether you’re entering into a long-term support or a short-term project based engagement, we believe that it is important that you are positioned for success before the consulting engagement begins.

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